rally in raleigh.

a rally in raleigh, nc. yesterday. read more here.

so. let me get this straight, nc. some of you want the citizens of NC to vote next november on a ban against same – sex marriages, which are already not allowed/recognized in the state. huh? you want to be sure that marriage is defined as only between a man & a woman, as the Bible states (insert a tiny bit of sarcasm here). so, you want to mix religion & government? cross lines between the church and the state by mandating that your beliefs become law?

but you know, NC, what this really means, right? it means that if i move back to NC, with my wife who is from Sweden (where we live now), so that we can be near my family and enjoy the beautiful, diverse, and culturally rich state where i have spent my whole life, you not only will not recognize my marriage – which means my love cannot get a green card, but you will restrict me from visiting her if she ends up sick and in the hospital. and you will not allow us to have family health insurance since we are not a “real family” in your eyes, thereby forcing us to pay more money out of pocket for health insurance, even though we have committed ourselves to love each other just as most of you have.

basically, you are saying we are second-class citizens and our marriage, in your belief which you want to make law, is not real. our love is not real. our commitment is not real. are you saying that i am inherently a different person, with different gifts, talents, & abilities now that i am married to a woman, and therefore undeserving as a human being of the same rights i had before i was married?  oh, NC, you are missing out on 2 women who can add so much to whichever NC city they would choose to make their home. we want to make a difference where we live, but we cannot live where we are not respected or allowed basic, civic rights like hospital visitation & health insurance. we are no less than you. and we will stand for nothing less than true equality.

NC, your churches can decide whatever they want on this issue, i am simply asking that this great state consider the civil rights of all people and seek to move forward, not backward. i would love to come home one day.

peace. and equality.

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  1. Som jag skrev på fb.
    Jag förstår inte hur man kan tycka att kärlek på ett sätt är rätt, men på andra sätt fel. Kärlek är ALLTID rätt (i stort sätt)! Predikar inte kristendomen att Störst av allt är kärleken och Alla är lika mycket värda?!!! Är inte det viktigare än de små raderna om äktenskap mellan man och kvinna i bibeln?!
    Nä, jag förstår inte!

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  3. this makes me SO sad and angry. When will we finally think outside the box? and when will we listen to what Jesus said instead of following the ancient rules of the old testament. Women of NC do you also not wear trousers and never cut your hair? Love is more important than everything!!! A big hug in this major setback. much love

  4. Kärlek är kärlek. Det är enkelt att förstå och acceptera. Och kärleken är störst av allt!

  5. Absolutely ridiculous. While I can at least understand the viewpoint that the Bible says homosexuality is sinful (though I disagree), I do NOT understand how so many people think it’s okay to legislate their own religious opinions in a way that limits the human rights of real people. SO stupid and SO arrogant.

    This quote made me really angry:
    “We’re here today to protect families and make sure every child retains the right to have both a mother and a father,” Bill Brooks with the N.C. Family Policy Council told the crowd on the Halifax Mall. “We’re here today to preserve our right to religious freedom and our sincere belief that anything other than marriage shared between a man and a woman goes against God’s design for creation.”
    Umm… How many children of straight parents grow up without one of their parents? How does forcing your own religious beliefs on the rest of the state count as preserving religious freedom? What bogus reasons for a bill, let alone a rally. I’m so sorry there are people like this trying to take away your rights! It’s just sad that they think they need governmental backing for their own religious beliefs, like the beliefs themselves are too weak to stand on their own (which, well, they may be).

    We’ll have to see what happens in New York. It sounded like they’re gaining a lot of support there to start allowing gay marriage. So not everyone is completely ignorant.

  6. To all of you: thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your comments of support. it is so good to know that i’m not the only one who struggles with this issue. and it is even better to know that there are wonderful people loving & accepting us just as we are! THANK YOU!!! much love to you all!

  7. Minnesota is doing the same thing right now. The lack of separation between church and state is dizzying. I don’t even know what to say about it because to me it is SO clearly wrong and unacceptable to try to add this to the LAW. Even if I didn’t disagree with it personally, it’s just a fact that the only argument against gay marriage is religious, and that simply CAN’T be in the law.

    Anyway, this certainly doesn’t affect me anywhere near as personally as it does you, but it pisses me off. A lot. Hopefully enough people think clearly and will rise up against this ridiculous injustice.

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