friday & saturday. loved them.

it’s late, so i think this is gonna just be a photo post. i’ve got some pics from the past 2 days to share! it’s been a great weekend so far, and i’m looking forward to a calm, relaxing day with my love on sunday to end the weekend. but, first here’s a peek into our friday and saturday. here ya go…

we ended up here friday evening. it was warm, sunny, and beautiful out. just a few stolen moments of peace & quiet together.

we ate a fantastic dinner out last night in this “area” in the middle of the city. the chef made us special vegetarian dishes which were extremely tasty! it was so cozy & great to share a nice dinner together (with lina’s family). it made us think of all the amazing dinners we have had with my family at the beach in previous summers. CAN’T WAIT until we get there this coming summer! have i mentioned that before? oh, and i looove to eat out!

oh my gosh, i love a french press! wait 2 minutes, then press down, and viola! perfect coffee!!! i’m waiting…


and then, dessert! a lemon tart with raspberries. deeeelicious.

saturday  rain & wind came… but the dark sky just highlighted even more the amazing green colors outside the window!

saturday afternoon = lina’s cooking lunch (well, she’s taking the picture right then. obviously. hehe.) and i’m talking to my mom on the phone!!! hey, mom!

i went to väsby (a church camp) saturday evening/night. lina worked. we had been planning one thing for this weekend for a long time… since last year. so, we were a little bummed about being separated today and not getting to do what we had originally planned. anyway. the reason that this was such a big deal is because today is the official, traditional, swedish celebration & beginning of spring… it’s valborg! it’s always on the last day of april/first of may, but the big celebrations are on april 30. and that was today (yesterday, technically, according to the time). click here to read more about the holiday. (and more about may day/first of may tomorrow). we had not planned to celebrate the coming of spring separately, but i was able to find out about the traditions and experience them first hand while lina was working to help keep teens & young adults safe in the city as the celebrations went on through the night. here’s a glimpse of a traditional last of april evening…

tradition 1: gather a bunch of people together, light a grill or 2, and cook some food!

then… EAT!

tradition 2: play some crazy games. all good swedes enjoy embarrassing games. suddenly i found myself drafted for the first competetion, aka. “sweet & chinese”. i had to use chopsticks to pick up 10 cubes of sugar and place them into the mug within a minute. haha. get it? sweet sugar & chinese chopsticks. did i do it?! you know it!

tradition 3: have a big bonfire and let the kids start it!

tradition 4: sing songs about spring around the bonfire and celebrate the coming of spring as you watch the old leaves and branches from winter burn up. now, the days are much longer, the weather is warmer, and summer is not far off! and there you go.

it’s been a good friday & saturday.

peace, everyone.

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  1. I just needed to say that I love the curtains and rug in your kitchen. Also, the last pictures in this post is AMAZING! So beautiful! And the most important thing… I love you!

    1. Julia: Thanks so much! We love our kitchen. Big time. It always feels so happy in there, so we spend a lot of time there, specially on Sundays – kind of a tradition, I guess. I took about 50 pictures at the bonfire & it was really difficult to decide which one to use. Thanks for the compliment! I love you and miss you so much! Somehow we have to meet up when we are in NC!!!

  2. Beautiful photos!! I wish we had as much green on the trees here as you do! It sounds like you’ve really been relishing the onset of spring. Wonderful. 🙂

    1. The green here is blowing me away, Carissa! So many different shades, and obviously I cannot get enough of it all. Hehe. I have been loving every single spring-y moment, yes! Keep the faith, your green is on its way! Thanks for the compliment on the pics.

  3. Ser ut som att du hade en trevlig kväll på Valborg. Synd att jag inte kunde vara med.. Love ya. Puss.

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