may day.

welcome, may!! it always feels so good when may comes around on the calendar. it is a big time transition from spring until summer. when may begins, spring is in full swing. when may ends, we are headed straight for summer and vacation time! everything feels sunny, light, and airy in may! it’s as if color has come back to our part of the world.

from what i know, the first of may (may day) is special for 2 reasons: the traditional end of the long winter in the northern hemisphere and a day set aside for political demonstrations and awareness of the rights of the working class. two very good and very different reasons to celebrate that it’s the first of may today!

today we’re headed to IKEA, after sleeping late this morning. haven’t been to IKEA since october, i think. so, i’m pretty excited! then, back home for some time to relax and watch a movie together before the week starts up again tomorrow. hope you will have a great may day too!!!

peace & love.

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  1. Dear Liz,
    I was spending some wonderful time wandering through your blog archive and found this post. I have taken several pictures of my feet in converse one stars and blogged them. 🙂 It was lovely to find a similar photo of you. 🙂 Further proof that we are bosom friends.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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