get out your pumpkins & your cameras!

it’s october! the month of jack-o-lanterns, golden sun rays, brown & orange colors, thick sweaters, warm boots, and halloween. i love this month almost as much as september. i think i’m a fall flower child, actually.

well, since it’s october and i’ve been doing this photo a day thing for 8 months now (crazy, i know), i suppose it’s time to kick the next one into gear. i must admit, somewhere in the middle of september, i thought i’d give up the photo a day thing in october. but, then i thought…. there are only 3 months left in the year & it would be so amazing to complete the year. so, i’m gonna stick with it. mix it up a bit. and press on! i think it’s a good thing to work through my feelings of boredom with the photo project and plug on. i’ve just been in a creative rut, i guess. and, of course, now that it’s a new month, i’m feeling all rejuvenated!

so, here we go!

some of you know what this photo challenge entails, and others of you may not. it’s not complicated at all. here’s how you join in the fun!

  1. read the prompt for the day and interpret however you want. this is where you get creative. there are no wrong ideas!
  2. grab your phone or a camera, and snap away!
  3. post your picture on instagram, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, or your blog. or all of those places, if you want! (this month i’m bringing back the daily photo a day blog post, something i did in may. but don’t feel any pressure, you can just take pics & share them anywhere).
  4. before you post it, be sure to use the hashtag #fmsphotoaday
  5. most importantly, have fun & share! (it’s a cool way to get to know people too!)

the challenge is an awesome way to chronicle every day, to get your creative juices flowing, and to improve your photography skills at the same time. i have learned so much and changed as a photographer because of this photo challenge, actually. seriously. and since i’ve learned new tips and come up with a few of my own (and since someone mentioned it to me in a comment), i’m gonna do a series of posts on photography, to give you encouragement & guidance. think of me as your photography cheerleader. or not, if you don’t like cheerleaders. anyway, i feel like i wanna share what i’ve learned. so, be looking for the first post early this week!

now, get busy snapping away!

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams


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