getting down to business.

i shared with y’all a few days ago that i had been asked to be the photographer for a band during their upcoming gig on friday night. well, i’m completely over the moon with excitement because i love their music & i love that i have an opportunity to do some photography for more professional reasons. (eeee!!!)

so, that got me dreaming a little. ya know, sometimes i can be a little materialistic. hehe. and since i am working to make my writing & my photography a little more serious these days, why not get down to business and get a fun camera strap & camera bag which seem to suit me. yeah. why not? there’s nothing wrong with a little funky, fun accessory for my camera, right?

well, i’m dreaming about this series. putting it on my wish list.

i can just imagine myself, carrying my little black bag with the orange polka dots inside, as i board a plane for india, ready to embark on a spiritual & cultural journey, documenting my trip all along the way… the people, the customs, the religions, my reflections… and then, after india, a village in africa. the urban jungle of nyc. the tropical paradise, bali. the shrines & temples of the east. the holy ground in jerusalem. mexican festivals. greek islands. parisian sidewalks. scottish castles. the american heartland. the wild west. irish cliffs. the australian outback. caribbean beaches. northern sweden. and everywhere in between.

yep. me, my camera (with its polka-dotted strap & bag), my moleskin notebook, & my love. traveling. photographing. writing.

oh man, i am so ready to get down to business.

dream big, my friends. peace.

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  1. Congratulations again on the photography gig 🙂

    Nothing wrong with dreaming, after all, dreams are free. And I think we all have material wants anyway, so as long as you don’t go overboard in being too materialistic, you’ll be fine 🙂

    I hope it all goes really great. Awesome pack and accessories by the way.

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