one question i will never have to ask: [am i next?]

meditation mondays: girl power

let’s not leave one person out

sometimes you gotta be defrocked in order to live with integrity.

my response to your response.


i will always believe that peace is the answer.

keeping the dream alive.

the lost art of letter-writing. (or a snail mail comeback).

moral monday comes to asheville. and i was channeling the 60s.

only one day left to vote, people.


get in touch with your soul.

may’s photo journey: who am i?

own your moments.

speaking of peace…

there has to be something we can do.

i miss y’all.

gettin’ our party on in april.

skulls and flowers for friday.

jesus, the supreme court, & me.

april is for living!

a tip for all you google reader users.

guest blog post: so touched & thankful.

happy international women’s day!

a little blog lovin’ and some jack kerouac.

what does it mean to be open?

a time to remember in berlin.

standing by the wall.

the beauty of a woman blogfest.

how to have an adventure every day.

just one thing before i say goodnight.

long time sun: the yoga in me.

something to remember.

having an expat moment.

do you ever wonder who you are?

moments, people, & words that make me feel alive.

a sudden, surprising happening that changes everything completely.

lucky number 13.

from my little corner in the world to yours.

week 2: belovelive photo a day!

lay down your weapons.

edith & her fight.

happening now.

do you hear what i hear?

a picture of who we are.

what gets me through.

gratitude 30: week 1