guess who?!

hey, dear readers!

i’m back from spending a week in this gorgeous place. wow, was it ever fantastic! so, how was your week? anything exciting happen? for those of you who blog, i haven’t yet made it over to your blogs to check things out. i’m reserving tomorrow morning for that. you know… me, your blogs, a pot of coffee.

well, i am dying to do a blog post tonight, but i’m not quite back into everything just yet. so, i thought i’d give you a little preview of the pics to come instead… something to peak your interest. i completely over-tired right now, and sleep feels like the best thing for me. plus, it’s good to ease back into the social media/blog world again. having 7 days technology free has been really good for me. i needed it. and it was great to focus on being in the here & now, not documenting every little moment, or wondering what my next text/post would be, but just living, just really soaking in the camp life.

i’ve got lots to tell you & tons to show you, but it’ll have to wait a bit more. i may not have rested much, but i have been filled to the brim with laughter, singing, playing, chatting, and sharing wonderful, intimate moments with others. and i need a little extra time to just let everything sink in.

now, though, it’s time for my first night of vacation sleep. that’s right, my 4 week (paid!) vacation beings tonight! sleep tight, friends. more to come tomorrow!


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