photo a day is here!

ladies & gentlemen, photo a day july is back! time to catch up on all the challenge photos from the past 7 days. of course, there’s a little bit of a camp theme, since that’s where i’ve been. hope you enjoy!

made it to camp! here are some of the natural gardens on the property.

this is what we do when it’s time to eat. hehe. swedes are excited about their meals. grab the food inside, then enjoy it outside. and just because it’s summer, enjoy your meal outside, even if you’re shivering and cold. hehe. cuz, that’s just how a swedish sumer is.

i enjoyed some big time relaxation on monday. ahhh…

hanging out by the campfire tuesday evening. i love the greens & blues.

 singing. lots of swedish letters in the songbook.

 love the contrast of the texture of the sand & the wax. candles lit by different people… representing prayers, thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears. a beautiful moment.

a opening of blue sky in the clouds.

there ya go! can’t wait to see what photo opportunities the next week brings! and, of course, i’ll be posting lots of pics & lots of thoughts from the camp in the next few days. until then, have a super saturday out there…

peace out.

0 thoughts on “photo a day is here!

  1. The photos are awesome!

    I love how they provoke thoughts/ emotions because of the mood they create through the different effects you use.

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time 😀

    And yes, obviously I did come back. I have a new blog to stalk, haha 😀

  2. My gosh~ every time you post pics like these I’m taken by how similar it looks to the mountain lakes in upstate NY…I lived for fifteen years near Lake Placid, NY (Olympic games town) & I swear that some of your shots are twins of the Lk. Placid area.

    1. hehe! that’s so cool and amazing how different places in the world can look similar. every now and then, if i’m in the right place in sweden, i can think that i am in north carolina. 😉

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