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now that i’m living in the usa again, i’m all about road trips. and camping. and the wild west. you know, embracing life by living it simply. i’ve been lucky enough to visit the western part of the states a few times, so i already know what’s out there… to a degree. i’ve sampled the west, you could say. i’ve actually driven to california twice – my honeymoon with lina was a cross-country trip!- and once to wyoming. of course, we stopped every place we could all along the way. i was yearning to see it all. and i still am. i want to see more.

don’t get me wrong, i truly love being an east coast girl. i love north carolina and the south, and i love the northeast too. but, the west, with those prairies and deserts and rugged mountains… oh, they take my breath away and make me feel like i am connected with something very wild and ancient and powerful.

so, i’m dreaming about when i get to head that way again. lina and I both are. we don’t have any plans yet, but we will at some point. however, more than just a quick trip out west, we’d love to take an extended trip one day and travel around the entire country for a year. that has always been a dream of ours, and who knows? one day it just may be something that lina and i do. get an rv. and live the simple life. meeting people all along the way for a whole year. writing and photographing and chronicling the entire journey. what a dream!

the other day, i ran across a guy who has done just that – well sort of. he wanted to take his master’s project for architecture school to a more practical level. so, he decided to find an old school bus and turn it into his home on wheels, a place that was comfortable, functional, and flexible. the finished product is amazing! and, then, it was time to travel!

so he and a friend headed out on a month long journey to live on the bus that he turned into a home, inspired by tiny house movement.

to read more about hank’s bus and his trip out west, check out his blog here. in the meantime, look at these amazing photos that he took (from his blog). they will inspire you, i promise.

900x313x130804_064242_JE_28102.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UrLlbUyMXk A view of the bus from near the back. bustour03.gif.pagespeed.ce.FAzPELYl8W Justin doing some photo editing on the road. Watching the kids play on the bus. 130731_202046_je_2650 Relaxing on the roof. Hank and Vince taking in the stunning coast of California. 130816_153554_je_3483 Hank and Ethan marvel at the sunset heading into Yosemite. 130823_165301_je_4124 The bus resting for the night in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Ethan, Hank and Sam on top of the bus at dusk.

now, let me ask you this: do we really need so much space in which to live? can’t we simplify? and wouldn’t it be amazing to spend time traveling and exploring and adventuring and growing and learning and taking in all that is around us? wouldn’t it be amazing to live the life that we dream of living?

so why don’t we just do it?! why not? we’ve only got one life, you know. let’s fill our days, even our present days, with the things (and i don’t mean material things) and people and moments that we love.

peace & love. xx

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  1. Love what you’ve done with the interior of this bus! We’re in Idaho right now, and I can identify with what you said about states in the West: “they take my breath away and make me feel like i am connected with something very wild and ancient and powerful.” Enjoy yourself!!!

    1. Hi Rusha! This is not actually my bus. I came across the blog of Hank, a man who I don’t know, who converted the bus into his home for a project. However, I would love to travel like this! He totally inspired me. 🙂 Oh, Idaho is one of the most beautiful states! xx

  2. Would love to do a trip like that one day. Wish we had of taken the opportunity while the kids were little they would have learnt so much. Now as they are in high school it’s harder. Maybe it will end up being just the two of us heading off. Have travelled a fair bit around australia by road, mainly to visit relatives who are spread out everywhere, but my dream is to head to over to the states to do some road trips. Lots to think about from your post! 🙂 x

    1. OH, yes. It’s really tough when they are in high school. No teenager wants to leave their friends and social life behind to be with their parents full-time. Haha. Perhaps, if it ends up being just the two of you, that how it will be meant to be! It’d be great for you to travel around the US and I’d love to drive around Australia! xx

  3. I love the West too!! Hubs and I are contemplating this very trip . . . it’s fun to dream!

  4. Awesome bus, love the plywood, may be a tad tricky to park though, I’m imagining… We are planning a road trip around the US in a couple of years, before our daughter turns 5. I’ve already started planning it and I’m always looking for places we can visit to add to the list. My partner has always wanted to go leaf peeping, so at the moment we are planning to start our road trip in Vermont and travel through to New Orleans, there are so many other places we would like to go though. Our plan was to buy a car when we get there – maybe Hank will be keen to rent his bus out by then.

    1. I was thinking the same… parking and driving. It’s a little bigger than other RV’s people drive. Not so easy to get around in. Your trip from Vermont to New Orleans sounds fabulous!

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