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  1. Wow! I’m pleased you’re doing so well. I’ve only just started blogging about learning hypnotherapy. I’ve just got up to 350 views total. Can’t wait to get up to your level….
    All the best

    1. hey tony! thanks for stopping by & for leaving a comment! good luck to you on your blogging endeavors. 🙂 it takes a while to build an audience, but it’s all about the journey, now isn’t it?!

      1. Hey Liz, for a while now I have a question about the theme I use, and I saw that I’m using the same theme as you so I thought maybe she can help me out! I was wondering how you install the post slider in the Triton theme, can you help me out? Would really appreciate it! Love Amber.

        1. i will most definitely help out, if i can! sometimes i don’t know the exact names of things, but i just do things. hehe. all this to say, what exactly do you mean by the “post slider”. can you describe it for me?! sorry. 😉

          1. No problem dear 🙂 With every theme you have special options, and with the one we are using you can have bar on top of your blog with different images and every few seconds it shows another picture of one of your blog post. Here (http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/triton-lite/) you can find an explanation but I don’t understand it ..

          2. Yes I tried that too. But when I check the ‘sticky’ button it does not work.. It’s really so strange! Thanks for helping! 🙂

          3. I know!!! The same thing happened to me. It’s crazy. I’ll keep you posted if I figure out anything and you do the same. Thanks!

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