How (and why) you should make your own medicine bag

We all have symbols, photos, buttons, photos, or other little trinkets that give us a sense of peace and/or power. You know, things like little pebbles that we’ve picked up from places we’ve visited or tiny photos slid into the secret pocket of our wallets. These tiny, secret things that we carry with us remind us of the beliefs, moments, and people that are important to us. They give us power by keeping us connected to the things that connect us to our soul, to our true self. They are, whether we’ve ever thought about it or not, our own little medicine bag.

In indigenous cultures around the world, it is common to carry a medicine bag as a form of protection and a way to access one’s own personal power. The things that are gathered in the medicine bag are not actually medicine in the way we think of medicine. Instead, they are sacred objects that mean something only to the person who has them.

For natives, the bag is a means of connection to the creator + to the soul. Each object chosen to be placed in the bag is put there in order to protect one’s own power. In addition, it is a very personal + secret thing. Most medicine bags were always carried by the person or kept in a sacred place, but hidden from plain sight.


Last Sunday I decided to gather some of the things that I have that are sacred + powerful to me. Things that I’ve had for a while + things that are new. I chose about 4 different things and placed them into a little velvet jewelry bag that I had, creating my own magical medicine bag. On Monday morning, I slid my medicine bag into my purse as I headed off to work. It’s remained there, traveling back + forth with me to and from work each day. I have to say, that every time I reached my hand inside my purse, I brushed against my velvet medicine bag + I felt a rush of magic or a reminder of my own power.

And, now that it is the weekend, I have taken my medicine bag out + laid in on my beside table until Monday rolls around again. Unless I go somewhere that I feel that my sacred objects would be of great inspiration + help to me. Then, I will slide it into whatever bag I am using when I am out + about.


So, here’s my challenge for you. It’s Friday now and that means that for most of us we will have a little time off at some point. During that time, why not think about gathering some little symbolic objects that you have had for some years. Objects that are sacred + meaningful to only you. It can be absolutely anything at all. Things that remind you of who you are, how powerful you are, and connect you with the beliefs + values that you hold dear. And, should you feel like finding some new things, too, why not add them.

Once you have gathered a little pile of things, see if you can find a bag or a piece of fabric to wrap all of your sacred objects in. And then, speak a quiet little blessing over your own, creative, meaningful medicine bag. Carry it with you wherever you go for a week. See how it feels. Pay attention to how much you notice it or not. And then, next weekend, decide if it is something you want to keep carrying with you, or if you’d rather have your objects in a special place at home. It’s totally up to what you feel and what you want.


And, of course, I think it’s totally ok to change up what’s in the bag every now + then. Add things, take things away, whatever. The idea is to keep the bag relevant to your present life. And to remember that there is magic + meaning in even the most random, ordinary, everyday things.

Let me know if you create a medicine bag! Share a photo or write a blog post or simply email me. I’d love to hear how it affects + inspires you.


And in the meantime, lovelies, happy magical weekend! xoxo. liz.


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