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Tapping into the new magic of 2018 with the first new moon

17 Jan 2018

The new moon may be dark, but that doesn’t mean that the magic is gone. In fact, it may just be that there is more magic right now than when the clock struck midnight + 2017 faded into 2018. Now, I’m not saying that the super full moon at the change of the year wasn’t magic, I’m just saying that this is a different kind of magic. A newer kind.

You see, the full moon 2 weeks ago was this great big magical burst into the new year. The perfect way to release the year that had passed + step into a whole new year with a whole new energy.

What that energy was, I hadn’t a clue. And you know what? I still am clueless about it all. The only thing I did know was that it was totally ok to be clueless. And I absolutely felt that that was how it should be. So, I trusted it all + just dropped my soul into the first two weeks of the year… trying hard to just be ok with the quiet uncertainty + embracing the feeling that things just might begin to fall into place by the time tonight’s new moon came around.

jan 2018

The full moon from two weeks ago on the 1st day of 2018.

And by god, I was totally right to trust my intuition. Things are falling into place. And by things, I mean that I am sifting through my thoughts, shifting my perspective, and letting crazy ideas begin to form. I had no concrete plans, no specific details, no set goal in mind. But, I have my intuition. I have my sense of trust. And I have the magic of tonight’s new moon to set the stage for planting seeds, making intentions, casting visions, and daring to think out of my box.

But, the energy of this new moon… it’s got the magic of beginnings. 

It’s almost as if the first two weeks of 2018 were meant to be slow weeks of easing into the new year. As the moon waned from full to new, it was the perfect time to slowly let go of the year that was + slowly begin to transition to this year. To begin to find my footing + set down roots.

And I am just now doing that. I am just now beginning to find my grounding.


New moons, of course, are all about new beginnings. About setting intentions + creating a vision. It’s a time for creativity + potential. Of knowing that out of the chaos of darkness comes order + light. And, while for the past two weeks I have felt anything but grounded, I practiced grounding. I trusted my day to day process. And I read the signs that were beginning to emerge all around me.

And, sure enough, as January’s new moon ushers in the new energy of this year, I am certain that there is a bunch of amazing shit out there on the horizon for me. I can feel it falling into place. I know the seeds are ready to be planted. And I embrace the calling to begin to put words to the intentions that I want to set.


So, that’s what I’m doing tonight. And for the next few days. And maybe even until the next full moon at the end of this month. That’s right… there is a second full moon this January. One on day one and another on the last day of the month. And, in-between, we have tonight’s magical new moon of beginnings.

Tonight, in the darkness, I can just sit with my soul + begin to let my intentions emerge. This could not be a more powerful, inspiring, slow beginning to a new year. Of course, many of us feel the pressure and/or desire to get started on everything. To jump head first into the new year with goals + resolutions + ideas + plans + the idea that we need to get a move on it.

But, the energy I am reading + feeling this January is not about that at all. It is, instead, an energy that flows with the season of winter. The cold + dark remind us to remain slow. Winter is not over yet. And if we dare to embrace it, to remain present in the slow, cozy, inward, restful moments, then we will approach 2018 rooted in our souls like we’ve never felt before. I am certain of that.


So, go ahead and take a moment to gaze up at the night sky. Look past the stars and clouds and let the heavy darkness envelop you. Soak up the magic of the new beginning that is present. We may not know anything about what is beginning, or we may know exactly all of the newness we are facing. It doesn’t matter what we do or do not know, though. Something is beginning. Something is taking root. Something is being planted. It’s up to us to decide what that just might be. And, if you listen to the quiet of the dark, then I am certain that the intuition of your soul will guide you to hear exactly what you need to hear + lead you exactly where you need to go. Because, right now, on the cusp of this new beginning, you are already exactly where you are supposed to be.

The question is… will you dare to heed the call?


Spend the next two weeks, from this new moon until the blue moon (second full moon of the month) deciding what your intentions + dreams + visions just might be for this year. And be ready in the end of January to let them loose into the cosmos. Because the next full moon at the end of the month will be filled with the energy of manifestation – of beginning the journey of 2018 to make your dreams a reality + to create the life that you are meant to live.

There’s nothing more to say, my friends, so breathe deep. Feel the magic. And listen to your soul. This new journey is going to be incredible. New moon blessings, wild ones.


xoxo. liz.


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  • Reply Tracy Kathleen 17 Jan 2018 at 22:36

    Just as I expected, I love all of this. This part really spoke to me: “It’s almost as if the first two weeks of 2018 were meant to be slow weeks of easing into the new year. As the moon waned from full to new, it was the perfect time to slowly let go of the year that was + slowly begin to transition to this year. To begin to find my footing + set down roots.” That is such a beautiful and perfect way to put it. I have felt the need to slow down and get cozy since the beginning of the year. A creator of a group I’m in described the slow feeling of winter as “Walking through cold molasses with heavy boots.” I just loved that because I think it describes it perfectly, as well.
    Your posts always remind me to live with intention. 🙂 xx

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