How I manage to drag myself out of bed in the mornings

So, I’m still reeling from last weekend’s events. And I’m feeling all the feels. From the unbelievable inauguration to the incredible women’s march to all the executive orders that are flying out of the White House right now. I feel like I’m spinning. And I’m all the way over here in Sweden.

What I need is a semblance of normalcy. Because all that is going on is so freaking not normal. Alternative facts, bans on federal funding for clinics around the world, bans on immigrants and Muslims, a shut down of the Environmental Protection Agency, and order to allow the pipeline in South Dakota, and so much more… It’s not normal.

In these times, I reach for the things that keep me normal. That give me a sense of grounding and a reminder that life goes on. That tough times, even really tough times, do not last. And that something is always born out of the chaos. Light always returns after the dark.

And every single day, every single morning, is a real reminder of this truth. 

How do you feel about mornings, my friends? I, for one, loooooove them.

Ok, hear me out. Yes, when my alarm goes off I grumble a bit and my first thought is how I wish I could just stay in bed for hours + hours – until I am good and ready to get up. Especially when I don’t want to face the reality of the present day. I always snuggle down even cozier under my covers and really soak in the warmth and softness. Squeezing out every last drop of snuggliness in that moment. And, I admit it. I dread pulling back those covers + sitting up.

But, once I do. And place my feet on the floor, I feel better. And then I feel even better once I shuffle into the bathroom + wash my face. Then, I feel awake. And, while I have days that I do not look forward to heading out the door at 7:45 am, I do look forward to how I spend my time between my alarm and shutting my front door behind me.

So, here’s what i do:

5:55 am

As I said, my alarm goes off and I wake up. I’m not a big snoozer + I chalk that up to being a morning person. I do stay in bed for about 15 minutes after my alarm goes off though. I really, really want to not look at my phone + check the news and/or social media. But, I do.

6:10 am

Finally ready to throw back the covers, I make my way in the dark (my love is still sleeping + it’s January so it’s oh so dark still) to the bathroom to wash my face. As I mentioned before, that helps. By, now, I know that my first cup of coffee is about to totally save me. First, though, a big glass of water while I gaze out the window. A quiet moment as the earth begins to wake.

Then, coffee!!!!

6:15 am

I take my coffee to the living room, put out my favorite meditation blanket, and light candles. This is what I love about mornings. These moments. Alone. In the dark. And just being.



I stretch, do some deep breathing, and a tiny bit of yoga (plus… plank, baby). Then, I sit and meditate. The cat most always climbs into my lap and sits with me the entire time. Sooooo amazing.


After my meditation time, I read. Something inspiring. Right now I am going through A Year with Thomas Merton. He’s a contemplative, zen, music monk from mid-20th century. I absolutely dig his quiet, solitary, nature-inspired essays. It makes me think that I should gather some of my writings together and create a daily reading journal to publish. Plus, it calms + inspires my soul, getting me in touch with the deepest part of my self.

Around 6:45 am

Get dressed. Boring. What I really want to do is just keep reading. Or write. I am usually super inspired by now, and I am dying to get it all out. But… no time for that. I have to get ready for work!

7:15 am

Time for the news, a little breakfast, a refill on my coffee and a short little sit on the couch. I chat with my wife, who is usually stirring and up by now and catch up on what’s going on in the world. Plus… the weather forecast. Can’t forget that!

By 7:45 (hopefully!) am

Out. The. Door. The earlier I leave, the longer I have to get to work. Not that my commute is bad… I walk to work. The reason I need extra time is because.. photography. Yes, when I see something beautiful, I stop and take a pic. Some mornings it takes me forever to get to work. Others, not so much. But, I like to reserve time to walk at my own pace and soak in all that is around me. The birds chirping. The sunrise. The vibes of everyone out + about starting their day. I absolutely looooove my walk to work.



8:00 am (or thereabouts)

At my desk. With a cup of coffee (yes, I am addicted + I love my coffee) and time to get down to business!

While, I think I have a pretty good morning routine, I realize that we are all different. But, I do think that, whether it is 5 minutes or 2 hours, creating some sort of ritual + routine… and I mean more than: get dressed – eat breakfast – brush teeth… the more grounded + prepared we are for the day. The more we remember and focus on what truly matters. And the more inspiration we receive that empowers us to make changes + make a difference throughout the rest of the day.

I highly recommend exploring what works for you. And adding in time to just be yourself… if only for 5 minutes, as I said.

So, lovely ones, what’s your morning like? Do you enjoy the mornings? Or are you more of  a night owl? Do you struggle to get up + moving in the morning?  Got any tips on things that you think are important to add to a morning routine? Share with me!

xoxo. liz

7 thoughts on “How I manage to drag myself out of bed in the mornings

  1. My morning includes much of what yours does — though I don’t light the candles — I’m thinking after seeing your photos, I could do that too — I love candle light. And rather than the living room, I come into my office at home, and meditate quietly, read and write. I’m out the door by 8:15, hopefully. 🙂

    1. If I had an office, I’d do the same. But, my living room works just fine for now! 🙂 And candles… I believe that the symbolism of lighting a candle to summon/mark the presence of spirit is something that I’ve always had with me, left over from my days as working as a minister. I even often light one on my desk at the school. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. I am SO not a morning person. And when you have to get two kids out of the door as well as yourself, the mornings feel more like a conveyor belt – with a bit of counselling and crisis management thrown in for good measure. (Mum, I have no clean socks! Why did you not wash my gym clothes!? Why does HE get to have the last milk?! Mu-um! He’s looking at me funny! Tell him to stop!!! No, darling, you may NOT wear your shorts to school in winter, And do you think you should maybe BRING your bag to school and not just leave it on the floor when you go out the door?)

    I would kill to have those peaceful mornings of yours, but I am also aware that for me to get an hour for myself would mean getting up at 5.30 – and that would probably cause me to actually kill someone 😉

    1. Hahaha!!! Fabulous comment, Rikke! I am totally aware that I have luxury mornings! 🙂 Maybe you have a teeny bit of time for yourself in the evenings?! (Can’t believe how big your boys are by the way!! Time absolutely flies!)

  3. I equally enjoy mornings and nights. It’s strange because my best mood is usually in the morning, but it often takes me awhile to get up. I don’t have to get up at a certain time, but I need to get back in the habit of using my alarm. I love it when I get up early like this morning. I feel like I’m getting ahead of my day when this happens. I like the feeling of a fresh new start each day. If I get up later in the morning, say 10, I feel like I’m dragging for half the day…despite the good mood. If I get up late, then late at night is when I’m the most clear-headed and able to do my homework. My focus settles in best then.
    I don’t have a particular morning routine. I mean I do but it’s nothing as nice as yours. Mine is more like: get up, feed my fur family, have breakfast + coffee, and sit in front of the computer way too long. The last part probably adds to my dragging after I get up.
    I really like the sound of your morning start. I hear so much about morning routines that it would be nice to slowly make positive changes to mine. I’ve tried writing in the mornings which is often hard for me because it relaxes me so much. I love writiing!

    1. Thank you for sharing so much, Tracy! Sounds like you are actually on your way to making those changes you want. Your morning routine already has some bones to it, I think. Since you love writing so much, why not add that to your computer time in the mornings? Perhaps you could even blog during that time?! (I’d love to read your posts!)

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