How the moon cycles offer simple magic for everyday life

Following the moon cycles isn’t mean to be a complicated thing, I believe. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate ritual that only pagans, witches, priestesses, and/or other new age types can lead. And it isn’t meant to be some kind of separate spiritual thing, but rather a way to bring mysticism + spirit right into the middle of every day life. At least that’s how I see it.

I wouldn’t really say that I am follower of the moon. And, yet, I follow her. What I do seek to do is to flow with her. I stay aware of at least the new moon + full moons of each month. Sometimes even the quarter + crescent moons too. The waxing + waning phases. But, I’m not necessarily tapped into the astrological signs + energy of each moon. Though, something inside me, my intuition maybe, seems to feel a certain energy with the coming new and/or full moon.

Sometimes I tap into that energy, sometimes it overtakes me, sometimes I feel absolutely nothing. But, what I almost always do is that I let the moon phases them serve as markers for me. Like tiny little signposts + rest stops as I move through the months, the seasons, and the years.

New moons occur once a month and mark the phases that the moon goes through as she orbits earth. During the new moon phase all is dark. The night sky may be full of stars, but no moon is visible. It is often seen as a magical, cosmic time representing new beginnings. A clean slate. A time to set intentions and, if you wish, to engage in some rituals.

But, as I already said, I just take that as it comes. I choose how I want to celebrate (or not) the new moon on the day of the new moon. Sometimes meditating, sometimes walking under the night sky, sometimes doing nothing at all, sometimes journaling, sometimes lighting candles + pulling cards. On a rare occasion I take a ritual shower, focusing on the cleansing + washing away of the old to welcome in the new. But, always, I take a moment + simply recognize the shifting of the phases, the turning of the earth, the orbit of the moon, and the ever-changing + evolving of the seasons.

If nothing else, though, the dark new moon night sky reminds me to pause on my spiritual journey. To take inventory of where I’ve been + where I’m going. To take a deep breath. To tap into my intuition. To reset. And to begin again.

No fancy intentions needed. No special rituals required. Just however elaborate or as simple as I feel right then.

The most important thing for me is to just carve out a quiet moment of presence. A little pause to feel my soul. To gaze up at the sky. To connect with the cosmos + with nature. To gather my thoughts. And to commit to continuing my intention to embody the mystic way.

That’s it.

All that to say, I simply use the moon to help me slow down + be mindful. To help me remember that the most sacred moments are the simplest ones right in the middle of life.

And that is where the magic is. That is what magic is. The magic of the moon cycles is the fact that life is ever changing, evolving, and transforming. And that right in the middle of it all are the moments that touch our hearts + inspire our souls. The moon cycles are simply there to help me slow down, gain perspective, and remember that all of life – every single little stardust in you + in me + in everyone – is part of this divine, sacred cycle of life. Just at the moon cycles faithfully continue, so do we also cycle through life. We learn, grow, fuck up, surrender, die, find wisdom in the dark – and then start the process all over again.

It’s how we learn. How we evolve. How we mature + transform + change + become more and more our true selves. Align, Fall out of alignment. Rebalance + realign. And do it all over again. Reaching higher + higher, and deeper + deeper with every learning cycle we experience.

Not all that different than the dark new moon of nothingness + resetting, the waxing + growing moon, the full, bright, beautiful, intense full moon, and the slow, restful, surrender of the waning moon, giving into the nothingness + resetting of the next new moon.

This is the flow of the moon cycles. This is is the flow of the seasons. The is the flow of the universe. And this is the flow of our lives.

If you want… sometime today or tomorrow, under the February Pisces new moon… Pause. Look up. Breathe deep. And then wander onward. Twice a month. Every month. Letting the simple magic of the moon cycles guide you forward.

Blessed new moon loves. May you flow with the deep current of the universe. xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “How the moon cycles offer simple magic for everyday life

  1. I used this new moon to help me get rid of some apathy about life. For the first time in longer than I can remember I went outside with my wee cauldron and did a little spellwork of cleansing.

    1. there’s something about this moon that seems to be so inspiring! cleansing sounds just perfect for the new moon that will take us through to spring! xoxo

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