How the solstice helps us move forward to a better world. Together.

No matter where we live, today is a day that we enter a new cycle. And, hopefully,  we will pause for just a moment for this important turning of the page, the turning of the seasons. Yes, it is my hope that on this solstice day, we will find a little glimmer of hope of how we can move forward from this fucked up world to a better world… together. But, first, we need to take a moment and, become aware.

Today, wherever we are, a shift is occurring. And, if you’re still for a just moment and breathe deeply, you can almost feel it happening.


Today is the solstice – summer and winter. For those of us in the north, we are experiencing more light today than any other day of the year. We are being enveloped in the glowing, warmth of the sun. Can you feel it? Have you stepped outside yet to feel the rays on your face (should you be so lucky to have sunshine today). In the south, you are hunkering down, bracing for winter. Have you lit a candle and gazed at the light that penetrates the darkness?

Yes, where we live affects how we experience light today, but one thing is for certain, today is all about LIGHT.

Today we acknowledge the light. Celebrate the light. And recognize that the light that we feel + see, the flame and glow that warms our skin, be it from the sun’s rays or the flicker of a candle, is the light that we have within. And, having that light within, we are naturally, organically, spiritually united.

We are one under the sun. And that, my dear friends, is cause for pause and celebration.


For me, way up in Sweden, I am experiencing more than 19 hours of daylight and no actual darkness. I cannot escape the light and its beauty. This weekend, I will celebrate in a small, yet meaningful way, as everyone will do across this country, the light that has come. I will think back to the midwinter’s deep darkness, my yearning for light, and give thanks that, once again, the cycle has been completed. The sun has returned, the light streams out, and I soak up this moment, knowing that in 6 months I will find myself in the cozy, mystical darkness once again.


Today, as the sun appears to magically stand still for just a moment, we have a chance to align ourselves with the season that arrives today. Today we align ourselves with the light that spills out around us, be it sunshine in the north or candlelight in the south, and we can let that light remind + inspire us to embrace the fact that we are united under the sun. Yes, we have different cultures, customs, languages, beliefs, but there is but one light that shines above us.

Let us align our souls with it, one by one, and let it show us the way forward. As a global family. United, together, ready to shine + radiate love to all of the corners of the earth. Just like our Mother sun does from up above.


So, take a moment over the next few days to embrace the light.

In the north, head outside in your bare feet when it is sunny. Close your eyes and gaze up at the sun. Let the beams of light wash over you. Imagine that light filling you, a bright, white, pure light. Empowering you to connect with your higher self + live a deeper life. Let the life-giving properties of the sun serve as a rebirth, a reconnection, a renewal to who you are truly meant to be. So that, in living in the light + the truth, you radiate light wherever you go.

In the south, find a place that is dark. Grab a blanket and a warm drink. Cuddle up with yourself. And then light a candle. Watch the flame dance. Breathe slowly and deeply. Gaze at the light and feel it’s warmth near your face. Notice one little candle lights an entire room. Remember that you are light. A flame burns within you. Call it love, passion, or whatever you want. Resolve to let that flame grow and to share it with the world.

Yes, this world is friggin messed up. Yes, it feels like there is no way out of the messes we have created. But, we do not have to resign ourselves to accepting how it is… because it is not how it is meant to be. Instead, we can align ourselves with the light that brings life. And, we ourselves, will begin to become the light.

Solstice blessings, my wild friends. Sending waves of warmth + light to you all.

xoxo. liz


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