Oh me oh my // Songs for days 161 – 169

And just like that, another week has flown by. And, also, just like that, I haven’t blogged since last last weekend. Like, I am now working on almost two weeks. But, I have my computer reasons, which I mentioned last week (I didn’t have a computer – long story). But now! Now, I have a new beautiful tiny *pink* computer who I have named Luna. But, much more about Luna at a later date.

With the end of the school year, a week of insane meetings at work, and a weekend trip out of town, here I am now… on Monday evening, sipping wine, and Netflixing The Good Wife. Cozy, huh?

Ok. So let’s look back on this past week, and , of course, I’ve got some songs to share with you.

Welcome to week 24’s songs:

Day 161: Saturday 10 June  // The Place That I Call Home – The Infamous Stringdusters

A week ago, we suddenly decided to sell our big, comfy sofa and buy something a little smaller and simpler. I realized that the sofa that we had in Asheville a few years ago just might be the perfect thing. So, I chatted with Lina + we decided to make this plan happen. I took photos of our old sofa, Lina wrote an ad for the internet, and within a day someone decided to buy it! The beauty of this plan was that our asking price for our old sofa was exactly the amount we needed for our new one!

The new owner came by on Saturday morning to get the sofa, and as soon as she + the sofa were out the door, we slipped on our shoes and walked to IKEA. We decided to not go with the exact same model we had in Asheville, but within the same sofa family/style. We got all the boxes in the warehouse and then realized that it just might be a bit of challenge to order a cab and get it all home. BUT, Lina called the cab comany and told them that we had a lot of boxes and they sent us a taxi cab VAN. Totally worked.

By the end of the day, we had our living room all set up and ready to use!


Day 162: Sunday 11 June // Peace of Mind – Old Salt Union

And, on Sunday, that’s exactly what we did. We binge watched Orange is the New Black and enjoyed our new space. The new vibes felt fabulous… and we actually felt a bit lighter and simpler. So, the weekend was a success!

Day 163: Monday 12 June // Brooklyn Raining – Zach Hurd

Monday came and so did the rain. I spent the morning at my desk at work and then the afternoon at the principal’s home for a meeting. The meeting, with my fellow colleagues who are part of the student health team with me, was intense but very good. Everyone except me and the other mentor (there are 6 of us in total) is newly employed, so it was a great chance to really begin to set a vision for how we want to work to support the students + gel as a team.

Day 164: Tuesday 13 June // Don’t Let Me Down – Mason Jar Music

I was absolutely exhausted after Monday actually. But, it was on to Tuesday and another day of meetings. But, the principal had rented out space at the university in town, so it was a great change of scenery. I got to walk past the medieval castle on my way… which, of course, rocked. The meetings during the rest of the day? Not so much. However, in the evening, after work, I got some really amazing and supportive texts from my fabulous friend/co-worker. 

Just another incredible reminder of how grateful I am, how blessed I am, and how important it is to prioritize and surround ourselves with positivity.

Day 165: Wednesday 14 June // All The Wild Horses – Ray LaMontagne

So, this happened: I. rode. a. horse.

Now, I’ve been on a horse before, but I was about 12 and someone was leading the horse, so all I really did was sit on the horse’s back. But, on this day, when we had yet another day of meetings, I had a chance to ride on my own.

Here’s what went down. Out meetings were, again, at another location. This time, the riding center where my students who study horses have their practical classes. It was a beautiful, warm, summery day and it was so nice to get to be out in the country. For the last 2 hours of the day, it was all about the horses, though. We got our boots on, helmets, grabbed saddles, and took the horses to the arena. Needless to say, I was terrified. Not of the horses, but of the fact that I realized that I’d be handling the horse on my own and have no friggin’ idea how to do that.

I almost didn’t get on Arnetta (my horse), but I faced that fear and climbed up. I even managed to make it through the challenges + instructions that the horse teacher was screaming out for me to do. I did cry a few times. But, more that that, I did it. Afterwards, I was a freaking wreck. But, I met my love downtown and she gave me my new computer!! Then we drank beer, and suddenly it was almost Thursday. Whew.Untitled

Day 166: Thursday 15 June // Me Oh My – The Honeycutters

Oh my. Thursday I headed to work, and I must say, I was soooo happy to be back at the school. I had had enough of the different locations and instability of the week. I was exhausted. Little did I know how exhausted I was. I felt hungover, wrung out, drained, and totally wiped out all day.

After work, Lina and I headed to Norrköping to spend the weekend at her parents’ place. After a long train ride, a little bit of socializing with family, I flopped into bed. Nauseous and totally spent.


Day 167: Friday 16 June // On My Way – The Melodic

Friday was all about graduation! Lina’s cousin was graduating and the entire family had gathered for an entire day of celebrating. It was a beautiful, wonderful day – and I am so proud of L!






Day 168: Saturday 17 June // Life – The Avett Brothers

After a day of celebrating and being social, we all just took it easy on Saturday. I think I got dressed at 1pm or something. But, I so needed it. We just sat around and enjoyed each others’ company until mid-late afternoon when Lina, her brother, his wife, and I decided to head downtown to grab a beer. It was super cozy to get to wander the streets of Norrköping… where Lina and I used to live. It’s such a beautiful little city.




Day 169: Sunday 18 June // Open Ended Life – The Avett Brothers

Sunday’s song is a tribute to my dad, for Father’s Day. A song about some of the things that I believe that my dad has taught me. I got a chance to chat with him a bit after we got home on Sunday evening – which was amazing.

And, there you have it. It doesn’t sounds like such a crazy week, but, for me, it was emotionally exhausting. I remember sometime during the weekend realizing that I seriously needed to balance myself. I had hit a limit. And so, this week, I am trying to do that. Work is much more calm, as people are heading off for vacation for the summer. So, I’ve got tons of time to work alone now, which is perfect.

Ultimately, hopefully, things will get back to the new summer normal for me. The past month has been so far removed from my regular routine, with days off and school ending and meetings. I really think that last week was just the culmination of it all. Now, though, it’s all balancing out.

How are you feeling? How’s summer or winter treating you these days? Give the playlist a listen this week, and spend a few moments just giving yourself a little break – no matter what’s going on in your life. We all need a little downtime, right?

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Happy Monday, loves! xoxo. liz.


2 thoughts on “Oh me oh my // Songs for days 161 – 169

  1. So when will you be showing a pic of your new pink computer? I’d love to see it! Your new couch looks so great! I did wonder if more than 2 people can sit comfortably on it, and it does look very comfortable! The box on the foot stool/ottoman is such a great idea too. I’ve got a large one that is more rectangular and probably smaller but I’ve wondered what could go on it besides the cats. They love it so I’m not sure if much would last on there with them.

    I would like to say congratulations on pushing through your fear of riding a horse alone! I hope you felt proud of yourself for doing that because you certainly deserve to feel that way. 🙂

    1. I will be doing a post soon!! Yes, our couch is very comfy, and it easily seats 3! 🙂 Actually Zola’s favorite spot is on the ottoman! She’s so cute. And it’s big enough that she fits beside the box! Thanks for the congrats… I feel very proud! xoxo

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