i am he as you are he as you are me & we are all together.


it’s a new day. a new year. filled with new opportunities, new adventures, new friends, new experiences, and a chance for old dreams to be realized and understood in a new way. i can’t wait to see what year #38 has waiting for me. it feels good. it feels exciting. and i am so happy that I get to spend the journey with each of you, in real life, through cyberspace & the blog world.

last night at the pub, a man (an alcoholic) came up to our table and asked us to watch his drink while he went to the bathroom. no problem, we thought. of course when he returned, he wanted to chat. it was uncomfortable at times, i admit it. i was torn. i wanted to continue the conversation with my friends, but i also wanted to listen to this man, who obviously needed someone to listen to him, someone to just share a few moments of life with. we chatted for a while, but then made some signs that our part of the conversation was over, it was time for him to move on. i felt relief and guilt all at the same time.

after he left, i couldn’t stop thinking about all of the people i have met in my life in the same type of situation he was in. and i remembered how they affected me, how they taught me things about themselves, about myself, and about life. i was overcome with a feeling of gratitude, of having opportunities to meet all different kinds of people faced with all different kinds of situations in life. and then, of course, i thought about the worthiness of each and every individual. i feel so blessed to have met so many people, who have touched me in some way, who have taught me something. and i renewed my commitment to working toward diversity, acceptance, and respect for all people…

all because this man walked up to our table at the pub. this man, looking for attention, not afraid to strike up a conversation with someone. this man, who has no idea how much he inspired & touched my thoughts. it’s amazing how all of us have something to offer & to teach.

my dear friends & family, you make my life rich & full. you bring me happiness & comfort. i am reminded today that each relationship, no matter if it is big or small, adds something to my life. i may have passed you in the grocery store, chatted with you in a pub, visited you in your home, worked with you, laughed with you, cried with you, read your words, heard your voice, or hugged your neck. it doesn’t matter how we met, or for what reason, or for how long. just know… you have made a difference to me. so many people have made a difference in my life. and today, i honor all of you. the stranger, the neighbor, the family member, the friend, even the enemy. today I thank each of you for your influence in my life. for allowing me to listen to you, to talk with you, to see you, to touch you, to share one moment or a whole lifetime of journeys with you.

sending you much love & peace.

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  1. It’s true, Liz. We rarely understand the impact or experiences that take place for us when someone “random” comes into our lives.

    I often think- “is this (technology) a way to expand our knowledge of real people”?

    I believe it’s the next wave.


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