i caved.

for my own mental health, i have given in to the new year’s resolution/promise thing. i figured i needed some discipline in my life. some routine. and it felt like a good decision this morning. but, now i’m second-guessing it. or maybe not. geez. i don’t know…

my plan is (was? is?) to spend at least 30 minutes every morning free of the internet & all things computer/mobile phone-related. except for music. perhaps. i haven’t decided on that one yet. anyway. i feel that to give myself just 30 minutes every morning to read, stretch, think, meditate, ponder, or write (with pen & paper) will improve my attitude, outlook, and general overall health. surely i can give myself that in 2012. who doesn’t want to be healthier? who doesn’t want to be calmer & more focused? i definitely do.

my problem is the follow through on this promise. it’s so tempting to give up on this possible promise because i don’t want to fail. perhaps i could try to make it a habit. try it for 21 or 30 days – the time that “they” say is necessary to form or break a habit – and not commit to a whole year. baby steps, ya know.

to begin the day in silence. just me & my thoughts. some coffee, some candles, or some nature (depending on where i am). a pen & some paper. a book. it sounds ideal. it sounds so peaceful. it sounds like something i want to do… surely i can give this a go. i mean, it is a new year. i’m still dealing with a clean slate, aren’t i? it’s the perfect time to begin something new, something good, something that i know is life-changing (i’ve done this before, but fell out of the habit). i can do this, right?

crazy idea… if there are any of you out there who want to join me in committing to a time like this, to use however you wish, i would greatly appreciate it (and i think it would be cool. plus there’s power in numbers & something to be said for holding each other accountable). there is something important and powerful in feeling that you are part of a community, committed to something together, even if you are not in the same place – or even the same time zone. it’s a connection that spans time & place. an informal community formed from hearts. so just email me (elre74@yahoo.com) or leave a comment here, if you want to create a morning (or afternoon, or evening), silent (computer/smartphone – free zone) community with me. i’d love the company. i’d love to feel & share the support of caring for one another as we care for our selves.

ok. it’s decided. i caved. wish me luck on my promise to myself. and join me, if you are so inclined.

peace, dear readers.

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  1. Hi Liz- Thank you for your comment on my blog! Losing my grandmother was difficult for sure, but it was also an honor to be with her during her last moments. It’s an amazing thing…life. 🙂 I hope your new year has been wonderful and that your plan of 30 minutes of quiet is a success. We all need that, don’t you think?! 🙂

    1. Stacy, I will be looking forward to reading more as you reflect on the moments of your grandmother’s life, her passing, and your family’s future. Life is truly amazing, and death is beautiful & heart-breaking at the same time. A mystery. Thanks for stopping by & for wishing me luck! Peace to you & yours.

  2. mmmh I’m intrigued… unfortunately also fairly realistic that I would probably be the worst possible person to do this with. How would we do it? As in at the same time or just the same amount of time a day?

    1. Nicole: I’m thinking just the same amount of time a day. And we would do whatever works best for each of us… it could be for you to sit down with a cup of tea & read something, or whatever is best for you. It’s just committed time to just be. I know, I’m worried about being a failure too. =) xo

      1. Ok I’m in! Going skiing for a week tomorrow but after that 30 min everyday to just be!

  3. Something to ponder on most definitely – and when I get back home eg. when my official new year:s at at home starts I may be with you… I:m certainly doing more than 30mins a day of “just being” right now… usually involves starting like a loon at a big old temple too which is nice…
    maybe it could tie in nicely with my plan to look into buddhism, see if there is some form of it I can make work for my own beliefs…. [as in none…]
    Could this 30mins be used to run?? [my big 2012 idea is to get my body moving!!]

    1. Absolutely you can use the time to run, I think!! And I don’t think it’s necessary to do the same thing every day… just to have the committed time each day. I’m planning on just going with how I feel each morning. Let me know if you wanna join in when you get back ( when is that, by the way?!). That would be fantastic! So far one other person (that I know of) is considering it… Nicole, who left the other comment above.

      Keep enjoying everything!! xx

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