What it means to be of benefit in a f*cked up world

the week that i sought beauty in the pain // 23

A white man walked into a church…

Why I don’t care about being happy

merry christmas eve: bringing sweden to the states

enjoying the last few mysterious minutes of christmas day…

how inner peace unfolds.

wednesday wisdom. 7 ways to be grateful.

wednesday wisdom: inspiration from a bread baking buddhist monk.

what’s your daily mantra?

contemplation and adventure. that’s how i roll.

nesting day.

i will always believe that peace is the answer.

keeping the dream alive.

when what you have & where you are is enough.

observe all that is around you. soak it in. there may be a message for you.

i can get a little design crazy.

feelin’ zen?

who’s ready for a more simple life?

six senses sunday.

acceptance and yoga.

speaking of peace…

there has to be something we can do.

guest post celebration: moments of mezz.

a time to remember in berlin.

standing by the wall.

belovelive photo challenge: over & out.

from my little corner in the world to yours.

from where i stand.

lay down your weapons.

one word wednesday.

what gets me through.

fly away, little bird. fly away.

autumn in everything.

it was more than a house. it was a home.

good morning.

shalom. fred. salaam. paix.

i can feel it in the air.


wordless wednesday: good morning, all you beautiful people.

the holy man.

turning the page & beginning again.

how one word made all the difference in my little world.

tonight’s bedtime story.

street corner musings.

you, me, & the whole world.

a tiny corner of heaven on earth.

off the grid.