i have no idea why.

 sweet old blog.

it just happened. i just sat down & started going through different blog designs from my wordpress dashboard, and i got inspired. i decided that i would decide on which design i liked the most, and then begin using it on january 1st. cool, huh? new year. new beginnings. new adventures. new design. even though i had no desire to change  the look of my blog. i love my old trusty “under the influence” design. and i had personalized it so much. oh, i’m gonna miss her. but, change is good. and unexpected change, while it’s disorienting and freakin’ scary, often leads to something amazing. 

well, you see what happened was i sat down on the sofa, and got stuck. my new design just seemed to upload itself. no waiting for a fresh new look for the new year. nope. i guess i just subconsciously decided to seize the moment. so, i’m just gonna go with it. even if i still loooove my dear old blog. she’s saved somewhere in my computer.

anyway, i’m diggin’ the new look so far. and it’ll be a great challenge to make sure that i have a picture with every post… otherwise the squares on my home page will look boring and empty. so, welcome to my almost 2012, newly-spontaneously-designed blog! hope you like it; and that you’ll keep reading to see what adventures in life, love, & travels lie ahead for this free-spirited dreamer. don’t forget to click on the top of the page to get to my home page… there is where you will see all of the cool pictures from the most recent posts!

this is THE YEAR of following my bliss… on a whole other level. join me!

 cool, new blog. p.s. beware that i will be changing little details here & there. hehe.

goodnight. peace.

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    1. thinking of you so much, holly. hope you had a good night’s rest & are ready to face another day. sending love & hugs… xx

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