i just wanna get away.

tent camping
image from here.

there are some days that i just wanna pack up a car and go. fill the cooler. stock up on coffee, wine, pancake ingredients, bacon, eggs, hot dogs, and granola bars. grab a few pillows & blankets. and a book or two. some warm sweaters. matches & firewood. i wanna head off into a secluded place in the woods or on a beach with my love for a few days, and just be at one with nature. for no other reason than that. to just get away and get back to simplicity. to soak up the fresh air, listen to the birds singing, hear the coyotes howl in the distance, or the crashing of the ocean waves. and remember that we are all one. we are all connected. and in the midst if the wilderness, there is peace to be found.

peace to you all, nature lovers.

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    1. i can’t WAIT to get back to the NC mountains & be able to access camping whenever i make time for it! 🙂

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