just one thing before i say goodnight.

i started reading a book this morning. i just picked it up, randomly, from the bottom of the book pile beside my bed, and began devouring the words. i was immediately touched and inspired. it’s one of those books that seems to give breath to thoughts that i have had, but hadn’t ever formed into words. in other words, i was drawn in. as i sat in bed tonight, trying hard not to fall asleep, i remembered the book & a few sentences that i read this morning that were especially amazing – more about that in a minute.

it’s been a long day. feels like forever since this morning, and i haven’t thought about the book since i put it down, right before i hopped in the shower in order to make it to a meeting on time. the meeting came & went. it was productive & necessary & good. i came home, made lunch, and then ended up working from home a little bit. i followed my love to the post office, which was about a 15 minute walk in the snow & wind. cold, but fun. we laughed, played, and chased each other, acting like kids, leaving me feeling like a young girl in love, as we enjoyed the winter air & the snow swirling around us. i worked some more at home, and then we headed to the church. i, for another meeting. lina, for choir practice.

during the meeting, i had plenty of questions directed to me regarding our upcoming move to the states in july. all in all, everyone was saying they thought it was so great that my love was following her dreams, and how much fun it would be for us to move, though they also all expressed sadness about us leaving. i was meeting with the older adults group, who wanted to hear (in addition to the scoop on our move) about my work with the teenagers & what we need this year in the form of money. they are a huge. huge, huge supporter of my work, putting on fairs, markets, having lotteries, yard sales, and other events to raise money for us. i found myself facing an impromptu, spontaneous speech (in swedish) for about 15-20 minutes at least. whew. then, they invited me for dinner with them. soup & sandwiches. as i slurped up my soup & chatted away with the sweet ladies sitting around me, i had a moment. one of those where i feel like i am about to burst with overwhelming feelings of “how is it possible that i live here in sweden, speak swedish, get to meet these people, have become part of the swedish society?” sometimes i just have to pinch myself. i was filled with happiness and humbleness.

i came home, satisfied and extremely tried, climbed into bed with my little family, and turned on the tv to just veg out. though i couldn’t stop thinking about people. all the people in this world, including you, who are so amazing. who make a difference. who work hard. who love others. i was overcome with gratefulness for ┬ápeople. it’s as simple as that. and then i suddenly remembered the book from this morning. and a few sentences that especially touched me. so i decided that, in honor of all good people in the world, i wanted to share this inspiring, lovely quote with you. i wanted to send you a message of hope & peace. i wanted to take a moment to share a little beauty with you. i wanted to remind you (and myself), inspired by my day, that even in the most ordinary people, places, things, & moments, something mysterious & beautiful & sacred exists.

i snapped this on my walk with my love today. so beautiful.
i snapped this on my walk with my love today. so beautiful.

whoever you are, you are human.wherever you are, you live in the world, which is just waiting for you to notice the holiness in it. ~ barbara brown taylor

thoughts of peace & gratefulness that you are you.

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  1. We just never know how we will impact others with our own actions/words. The simplest things can have a profound impact when we are just ourselves. Pretty cool.

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