i like…

a certain blogger, who i really like, posted this blog today. she got the idea from another blogger, who got it from another… and so on. so, of course, i thought i’d join in the fun and do a post of my own of the things that i like. this is totally stream-of-consciousness, so i know i left things out. i just made the list as it came to me and then hit the “post” button. it was super fun to think of all the things that make me smile and warm my heart…. i like so many things. i think i’m kind of a random person. but, hey, that’s me! take it or leave it.

i like…

yoga. love. snuggles. babies. coffee. journeys. flowers. early mornings alone. crime shows. snowflakes. tattoos. french fries. diversity. airplanes. boats. the ocean. mountains. sunshine. every season of the year. holidays. politics. religion. my brother. remembering my snowy wedding day. driving. picnics. house-hunting. celebrating. the color green. funky rings. folk music. new york city. languages. books. candles. technology. beads in a doorway. photography. longs mornings in bed. beer & wine. keychains. boots. the sand between my toes. sleeping in a tent. perfume. dancing. big fluffy blankets, balconies. eating out. the beatles. new places. spontaneity. new journals. asheville. stockholm. mykonos. dublin. san francisco. movies. log cabins. christmas lights. laughter. long hugs. cats. stars. peace. bracelets. days at home. memoirs. wind in my hair. grandparents. pens & pencils. woodstock. my family. river rafting. dream catchers. north carolina. sweden. theology. wanderlust. playlists. blogging. porches. concerts. history. weather. dolphins. beach week. and my wife.

what do you like?


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  1. I love this! I hope you don’t mind if I use this idea for a blog post of my own. Thinking about the things I love is exactly what I need right now.

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