i miss you, dear blog.

i know that i posted a picture the other day, and i have written some in the past week. but, i feel so far away from my dear blog. my life just got a whole lot busier and i haven’t figured out how to squeeze in time for everything. so, sadly, i have neglected my blog. but, that’s not gonna work. writing here has become a way for me to express myself, my creativity, and to process my thoughts. i feel balanced and grounded when i post something regularly. i used to write in a journal, and i tried to start that again some months ago; but my life has become more digital, so the paper & pen thing (which i truly love!) just doesn’t work for me anymore. this blank page on my computer screen, where i can type, edit, add images, and even include music sometimes seems to fit me better now. and i love sending my thoughts and pictures out there. somewhere. into cyberspace. wherever they go. somehow i feel more connected to others.

but, i must find time. i must create space. but, when? my schedule is so weird. nighttime seems like a great time to reflect, but i am so not a night person. however, i am a morning person (sort of), so that could work. but, ugh. i have to get up at 5:30 or 6 in order to have time to really write. too early for me. i could keep on writing when the spirit moves me, but the spirit moves me so often – and usually in the most inopportune times = i am at work, walking, or involved in something else. so, what do i do? i need this time. i crave it.

perhaps the only way i can truly balance myself is to discipline myself.

discipline. what a crappy sounding word. it sounds so confining and boring. it sounds painful. and i guess that it is… to begin with. but, in the past, i have created a space for disciplined time of quiet meditation – a pause in my daily life in order to read, write, reflect, and just be. with all that’s going on (and all my new responsibilities & adventures!) i believe it’s time to buckle down and prioritize what’s really important to me. and i truly believe that in order to have energy, be positive, make a difference, and have something to offer others, i must remember some of my basic beliefs:

being leads to doing. connecting with my soul/God allows be to be free to be used. by focusing first on being still, then i am able to remember that my life is not all about me and i am inspired. it’s important to me to have a daily retreat.  a mini-vacation. some sabbath time. sometimes it’s good to just get away. in order to create a balanced life.

so, that’s my plan. truly make time for myself. and not just 5 minutes, but some actual time. luckily i have found something new this week that is going to help me with this plan of mine… podcasts! podcasts are either audio or video clips from itunes & there are tons of them, from all sorts of categories! for free!!! you just download it to your itunes and viola! you’ve got a newscast, a book, a tv show, or whatever. this past weekend, i found one called “pray as you go”. it’s a 10 minute daily audio meditation. and it has been a great beginning to my day for the past few days.

life moves quickly. time goes by so fast. for me, it’s so good to take a pause on a regular basis. hopefully i will be able to faithfully spend some time with myself. and hopefully, during that time i will read a little, listen a little, and write & reflect here. on my dear blog.

here’s to wishing you an inspiring day! peace.

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    1. hey! thanks for stopping by & for leaving a comment! and thanks for the vote of confidence. it’s only been a few days, but so far, so good. 🙂

  1. A lovely post. Im sure you will find time, for yourself otherwise you might go crazy. I always write my post at night. It is annoying because i end up awake till 2 in the morning. Getting carried away.

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