if i could vote for the oscars.

i’ve challenged myself to do something fun. i am a big time movie-lover, and i’ve often dreamed of being an actor & living the hollywood life. not the glamorous, party one, but the artsy, political statement one. i have dreamed of being on stage and in front of the camera… telling important stories & entertaining people at the same time. in fact, when i was in high school and also when i was in my 20s, i was pretty involved in theater. yeah, i love the theater and the big screen. bet ya didn’t know that about me.

i truly think that movies can be amazing ways to express ideas, thoughts, tell stories, inspire people, and make a difference.  and the most praised films usually are ones that do just that. so, this year, i’m pretending that i am part of the committee that votes for the oscars, and i’ve challenged to myself to see all of the movies nominated for the oscar for best picture. and i am determined to see all of the oscar movies before the oscars in late february. i mean i gotta see them all so i can cast my vote, right? hehe.

i’ve gotten a good start, but i can’t slow down now. there are only 3 weeks left.

so, here’s what i’ve seen:

les miserables


beasts of the southern wild

so far, i can’t say which my favorite is. they are all so very different. and all so. very. good. love them! each of them with their own message to society… one musical making telling the journey of a man & making a statement on society, one based on real events, and one fantasy tackling environmental issues and poverty. you gotta find a way to watch them someday. seriously.

and here’s what i have left to watch (i need to get busy, huh?):

  • amour

  • django unchained

  • life of pi

  • lincoln

  • silver linings playbook

  • zero dark thirty

i’m not sure, but i may watch one of them tonight. i’m thinking that’s a pretty cozy sunday evening thing to do. right?

so, which of the oscar nominated movies have you seen? which do you recommend? which would you vote for? which do you want to see?

happy sunday night! wishing you peace & love.

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  1. I’ve only seen Django Unchained so far which was brilliant because… Tarantino! Do I need to say more ;). It was a bit too much violence for my taste this time (esp. the mandingo fights), but I really, really hope that Christoph Waltz is going to take the Oscar home for his amazing performance. I’m dying to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. I was already in tears just from watching the trailer. And I also want to see Zero Dark Thirty because it’s an interesting topic and I already liked The Hurt Locker.

    1. i have heard only good things about it, so i am really excited! beasts was beautiful and touching. if you cried at the trailer, bring tissues. 🙂

  2. I love this idea! I’ve seen (& love) Les Mis & Django Unchained. I really would like to see Life of Pi & Lincoln sometime, hopefully relatively soon.

    1. yeah. i look for pretty much any reason to watch movies. so, i decided i’d just create a reason. 🙂 iäve heard life of pi is incredible!

  3. I had NO CLUE you were involved in theater and acting! How did you like it and why did you quit? I am actually thinking about picking up acting lessons this year…

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