i’m not setting the alarm.

thursday night and i’m ready for bed. and ready for the weekend! that’s right. the weekend begins now. and yes, that means that i’m gonna skip class tomorrow. woo hoo! (don’t judge me. hehe). the week (the past 2 weeks actually) has been super busy, but good. and now, finally, it’s time to take it easy for a few days. well, fairly easy. we have a lot to do, but it’s all fun stuff! hopefully i will also find some time to write a few blogs… i’ve got a crapload of stuff rolling around in my head that needs to find its way out. i think i’ve started 4 different blog posts and saved them as drafts. i seriously need to set aside some time to write every day. it clears my head and helps me function better as a human being. so, be on the lookout for some updates throughout the weekend!

you know how it feels so amazing to lay down & stretch out your legs, put your head on your fluffy pillow, and pull the cozy covers up all around you? well, that’s what i’m gonna do right now… and guess who’s not setting the alarm tonight?!

good night. peace.

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