full speed ahead.

it’s really busy this week. guess i’m gonna go full speed ahead from now until my summer vacation begins (in 6 weeks!!!!) but, its all good!

i was talking with lina yesterday about the crazy irony that for 7 months we had no resources ($) and plenty of time; and now, we have some money & no time. seriously, isn’t there a balance somewhere?! though i wouldn’t change a thing about our cozy, stay at home winter. and i’m sure that will not want to change the experiences of these busy days ahead either.

school is good this week. or perhaps it’s my attitude. hehe. my internship is going really good too! it’s awesome to have something worthwhile to do! i’m off to “work” now, so not much time to write. i’ve got to figure out a system to keep up with everything.

hope you have a great thursday! peace.

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