i’m thankful for…

today i am thankful for so much:

  • road trips
  • exploring new cities
  • friends
  • sunshine
  • the season of fall
  • long walks
  • being by the sea
  • a good glass of wine
  • blue skies
  • a cozy scarf
  • my camera
  • public transportation
  • eating dinner out
  • laughter
  • telling stories about all the good & tough things in life
  • getting lost
  • music
  • stars
  • coming home
  • an amazing & gorgeous day
  • sharing every little moment with my amazing wife
day 6: i’m thankful for…

i’ve got tons of beautiful pictures to share with y’all from today. the weather was more than perfect, and the setting was spectacular. check back tomorrow, if you’re interested in exploring the old city of nyköping, the city by the sea, from my perspective. i’d love to share it with you. i’ve had a fabulous day exploring the city, walking, eating, shopping, and enjoying every minute of it with friends & my love. but, now, i’m super tired, so i’m gonna snuggle down into my covers & sleep until i wake up tomorrow. then, i’ll be sure and write a post (with pics!) in the morning. wow, what an inspirational day! just what i needed.

goodnight, world. peace.

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  1. Love this. I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it, your view on life is sooo refreshing. So thanks for that. (:

    1. You are so sweet! I guess I’ve decided that I can either see the beauty or focus on the crap. They’re both a part of life, but I’d rather have a life that I enjoy, so I take the crap & focus on the beauty. 🙂

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