i’m in love with moleskine.

first let me say that i really like calendars! and since i love calendars, and all things office-y (yes. that does make me a nerd in one way), then i looove when the new year rolls around and it’s time to break out a fresh, new calendar. i’ve gone digital for most things calendar – wise, so i haven’t really used a calendar to write in for the past 5ish months, but i still need something small to carry with me everywhere so i can jot down tidbits of information.

and it just so happens that i have the perfect thing! last summer, when lina and i were in new york city for some days, we did a little shopping. duh. we walked into some random office supply store. something local, not like office depot or staples, on a little street off of 5th avenue. lina called me over & showed me the coolest little calendar for 2012. well, it’s actually a calendar set. in rainbow colors! each month is it’s own little calendar book, and all 12 of them stand in a little, black calendar book holder. i fell in love. so, we made the purchase and i began the long 6 month wait for 2012 to begin so i could get ’em down off my shelf & crack ’em open. and now… it’s only one day left and i get to pull down the red january calendar to begin the new year!

another reason i am so stoked about the rainbow calendar set is because they are moleskine. luxury. lucky, lucky me. moleskine makes sleek, simple, fantastic journals, sketchbooks, & calendars designed after notebooks used by legendary artists & thinkers over the past two centuries. think van gogh carrying around a little leather sketchbook while walking the streets of paris, ready to draw at any given minute he feels inspired. that’s me now. well, not the sketching part. but the little leather notebook & calendar part. for the first time, i’ve got a set of moleskine calendars & a moleskine notebook (that i got for christmas!), so i’m all set for the new year! new pages to write the stories & dreams of 2012, and blank calendar pages to fill with work, fun, trips, meetings, pub nights, fikas, and whatever else comes my way in 2012. yipee!

peace, peeps!

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  1. oh I love it… always had proper calendars. Some made by myself, some bought and beautified and I still have them all. Though with my new phone I kinda digitalised that which is very unlikely for oldfashioned Nicole!

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