welcome to the middle days.

hey, my dear readers and welcome to the middle days. the ones in-between christmas & new year’s day. and you know what, i’m determined to use these middle days for myself… to take it easy. call it a little self-initiated break. i’m not officially working this week, but i am doing a few little things to prepare for my work in the new year; so i’m not being totally useless. and lemme tell you, working in your pj’s while drinking coffee & being wrapped up in a blanket makes doing work oh so sweet. however, my main focus during these middle days is to just be. it’s almost as if this week in-between the holiday celebrations gives us permission to rest and relax (if you have the luxury of not having to go to work these days).

so, i’m taking it easy. i’m doing my obligatory reflection over the past year & planning/dreaming/wondering/pondering about the upcoming year. yep. i’m just hanging out. perhaps doing some shopping *wink wink*. even letting myself be a little bored. the point is that i’m taking advantage of the opportunity to soak in the present moments and enjoy a bunch of nothingness. life is generally so busy, but right now, this week, it feels like it’s moving in slow motion – and that’s just fine with me.

lina & i went to the theater one evening as part of our anniversary celebration. joseph & the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. super fun!  there’s nothing like watching a musical.

 we shared a wonderful, home-cooked anniversary dinner together. (photo by lina).

girls game night with some friends/family with plenty of laughs, chocolate, julmust, chips, popcorn, & candy. perfect. (photo by lina).

 yep. just gonna hang around.

 maybe take some naps, like zola.

i hope that you are able to find some rest & relaxation as this year comes to a close. i hope that you are able to feel rejuvenated & inspired. and i’m wishing you a wonderful in-between week. enjoy your middle days!

peace & rest.

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    1. Thank you! Hope that you had a great New Year’s Eve and 2012 brings you joy & peace!

      And thanks for stopping by! Come back again!

  1. I love those days between Christmas and New Year… in German we call it the “old-year-week”. Time for family and friends and to just be. Of course as it happened we were constantly busy with walks, talks, guests, riding, shopping, cinema. And guess what we saw a show as well: Sister Act. The new musical. Absolutely flipping amazing

    1. Nicole: AMAZING!!! We saw Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat… it too was fun, even if it’s an old musical. hehe Kram!

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