it happened again!

yep. in one of today’s papers one of my pictures showed up again. eeeeeee!!! i am so excited! it’s an entertainment/culture paper (western north carolina people, think “mountain express“), and they wanted to do an article on the band that i photographed two weeks ago. so, when it was time for them to put together the article, i was asked if it was ok to use one of the pictures i took during their gig that night. uhhh…. yeah! so, there’s another one of my pictures now published, and this time my name is there too (under the article’s title). this whole experience makes me so freaking happy. and i’ve learned just how much i am into photography, writing, & traveling. like. big time. like, this is a dream that i’m gonna fight for.

anyway, if you want to see my other picture from last week’s paper, click here. and if you want to see today’s paper online, click here (my photo is on page 51!).

just wanted to share with y’all. thanks for reading. have a super fab weekend!



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