July’s full moon: If you can envision it, you can create it

The message from this weekend’s full moon is this: The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

You see, life is what we envision it to be. What we manifest in our lives correlates directly with what we envision. In other words, thoughts become things. What we believe and think becomes our reality. We tend to live according to what we thing is possible (or not).

So, this weekend’s full moon has a question for us: Do we tend to see what is possible? Or do we focus on all of the reasons why something doesn’t make sense?

If I had done that, I just may have still been be married to my ex-husband, living somewhere in the USA and working as a minister in the United Methodist Church right now. And, while none of those things are very bad at all, they all would have stifled my life. They would have stifled my soul. I would have closed the door on so many things and, of course, never have had any of the experiences that I have had in the past 10 years. Sure, I would have had good experiences, but they would not have set my soul free.

 This full moon’s challenge to us: Choose to see the possibilities

The crossroads that I happened upon 10 years ago presented me with a choice. Stay or leave. Follow the path before me, or take the road less travelled. I was 32, married for 9 years, had a stable, good job that I loved, was completing my Master’s degree, lived in a beautiful home… I had it all: security, stability, and pretty much everything that defines a “good life”, though my marriage was on rocky ground + I needed to decide how I would deal with that. I kept trying to convince myself to just suck it up and stay true to the path that I was on.

And yet, I envisioned so very much more. I wanted a marriage filled with inspiration, I dreamed of expanding my world, of literally making the world my home, and I wished for a life of deep spirituality and contemplation. Some people would say that those were only dreams, and that to leave behind one life to pursue those dreams would be selfish. Some people actually did say that to me.

But, I knew, deep in my soul that I needed to set myself free. In fact, I had dared to begin to honestly look at + listen to my soul for the first time, and boy did she speak to me. She’d been whispering all along, and I knew that, but at this moment, 10 years ago, she spoke loudly: If I did not care for myself, and continued to put everyone else first in my life, then I would not blossom and grow and transform as deeply as I felt that I could.

So, I was called out of the life that I was living and into a life that I was meant to create.

And with that, I dared to envision a different life. And then, even more crazy than that, I dared to manifest my visions. To make them my reality.

This weekend’s full moon gets at the heart of what I believe: We are here to create the life that we want to manifest. Anything is possible. But, the life we want doesn’t just happen to us. We have to dare to dream, engage with our dreams, believe that our dreams are possible, and then set in motion a step-by-step plan of slowly, intentionally shifting our life so that it begins to take the shape + form that we imagined.

Word of caution: It almost never (ok, never!) looks like what we imagined… but always is way better than we could have ever dreamed up. (Do you think I ever imagined being married to a women, living in Sweden, speaking Swedish, working as a mentor/life coach, and living a creative life?). 

Some of those things I envisioned, I wanted. I wanted to live in another country. I felt called to work with people – and not in a school or a church. But, the rest of the stuff… that has just blown my mind.

Ready for the road less travelled? Start with this weekend’s full moon.

So, should we decide to take the road less traveled, to follow our soul’s dreams + create the life that we desire, then this weekend’s full moon is the perfect time. It’s like a little inspirational sign from the cosmos. However, the journey requires a few things of us: patience, trust, determination, courage, and constant alignment.

It doesn’t mean that we just pick anything and go. To manifest our dreams, we first have to do the inner work of listening to our soul + deciding what we are being called to. What kind of life makes our soul sing? Who are we? What are the things that may be of benefit not only to ourselves, but to the world around us? Because, ultimately, we are here to live in our truth as our highest, authentic selves so that we might be used in co-creating a better world, right here + now.

The journey begins with determination + courage. Of letting go of tons of fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of looking like a crazy person. Fear of what might happen. Fear of the insanity of our decisions. Fear of perceptions. Fear of living our true life. Fear of going some place no one else has gone. We must have the courage to make the decision to make the change. To embark on the journey. To stay with it, even when it seems like a stupid idea or when it doesn’t seem to be as we imagined. We must continue on with courage when we are misunderstood, or are afraid, or feel alone.

And then we call on patience + trust to guide us. We need these to help us stay on the path, when the path makes no sense. We need these when it feels dark and confusing, when we don’t think it’s going as it should. Patience and trust are needed to ground us and to remind us that life is unfolding exactly as it should. That it may not make sense right now, but that spring always comes after winter; the dawn always comes after the night. We need patience + trust to keep us committed to the knowledge that the process is part of the journey.

Finally, we need constant alignment. From the moment that our soul begins to whisper to us the vision that we have for our future, to choosing to follow our dreams, to the unknown journey through the dark moments of confusion, to the days that we don’t seem to understand what’s going on and the days that remind us that we have chosen the right path, we need to stay aligned. That is, we need to be tapped into our soul. We need those quiet moments that allow us to slow down, listen, feel, meditate, ground, and breathe.

Spiritual renewal, spiritual connection, in whatever way works for each of us is so very important. This is where we remember our truth. This is where, if only for 15 minutes a day,  we leave behind all of the questions and impressions and freak outs that we have throughout the day in order to come back into our soul. Constant, regular, daily alignment is necessary. It is fuel that keeps the light burning bright. It is where we find our courage, determination, trust, and patience. Because it is where we first heard the whispers of our soul.

Full moon manifestations: Big and small

This weekend’s full moon is calling us to that first moment of silence, of listening to our soul to hear what she is saying to us. And this full moon is challenging us to act on what we hear. To envision and create the life that we know is calling to us.

Now, there’s no need to think that we have to uproot our lives to make a change. Sometimes we need a dramatic change, like I made 10 years ago when I decided to get divorced, quit my job, and sell everything. Sometimes we simply need + envision a change in one part of our lives. Like a vision of a healthier life… something I am working on right now: more veggies, more mindful eating, more exercise, more sleep.

It’s whatever you soul is whispering to you right this very moment in your life. Big or small. The journey, the process, is the same. And the truth is,  in setting our soul more free, we are becoming more + more who we are called to be.

The only thing that is holding us back from manifesting + creating our life the way that we envision it is ourselves. It really is.

Full moon manifesting blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “July’s full moon: If you can envision it, you can create it

  1. Beautiful! I love the part you wrote that said “We need patience + trust to keep us committed to the knowledge that the process is part of the journey.” This is such a great reminder for me, but I do lack patience and am always focused on the reward/end result, whatever you want to call it. I need to remind myself to embrace the journey, as well. I have so many questions about your history now. Perhaps, I’ll ask you privately sometime. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that something resonated with you and gave you something to think about! 🙂 And, feel free to ask me anything about my past!

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