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soul candle protection

Midsummer Rituals: The importance of Soul Protection

Today’s Midsummer Rituals post is gonna be super short. And that’s because I writing this by the gate, waiting to catch my flight to the States! My summer vacation starts right now + Lina and I are jetting off to North Carolina for the…

20 Jun 2019
be the seasons

Slowing down for a Soulful September

Let’s talk about September, shall we? ‘Cuz it’s here, whether we’re ready or not. Personally, I’m ready – and you’ll find out why in just a sec. So, this weekend, as a way to welcome September, I tapped into my intuition to try to…

2 Sep 2018

This Is Me: Week 3. My soul is your soul

Hello, dear ones! It’s week three and we’re reaching the halfway mark of the This Is Me retreat – already! Today is the last day that we focus inward and on discovering our souls; and then we move on to how to create and make the…

8 Mar 2018

The weekend that was my solitary, stay-at-home retreat

With all of the excitement + busy-ness of the summer, all of the fun of having visitors, all of the emotions of saying farewell to summer, and all of the getting back in the groove of long workdays, this contemplative soul realized that she…

17 Sep 2017
the sacred everyday

the week that i had a weird schedule // 43

this week was weird, you guys. i worked all week, as usual. but, then i also did a bunch of things at home too… work-wise. life coach-wise, i mean. plus i got all wrapped up in american politics. and, since the sun hasn’t shone…

23 Oct 2016