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your path is beautiful + crooked + just as it should be

trust yourself: everything you need is within you

and we’re off!

when you just know what you know.

i got the monday confusion blues.

i’m ok… even though i got an email.

who i am & what i do.

thoughts at midnight.

be present. what a great idea.

get in touch with your soul.

how to know who you are & what you want.

seek and you will find.

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a restaurant that feeds your soul.


april is for living!

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my monday mind dump.

conversations about the open road of adventure.

a snowstorm got me thinking.

lucky number 13.

it was just an ordinary meal.

figuring out advent.

you already know.

she let go.

fly away, little bird. fly away.

are you trying to tell me something?

can the unknown path be the right path?

a little work. a little play.

settling in.

how ’bout we kick some ass?

day 1: peace.

music makes me emotional sometimes.

high above the clouds.