life is an adventure!

it’s time! july’s photo journey is ready and i’m totally ready to play! are you?

this month, i decided to use the theme “adventure“. you may make the connection that i am making a big move this month, so i am actually, literally beginning a new adventure in my life. but, back in january, i wrote down possible topics for each month’s photo journey, and i had written “adventure” down for july. so, after considering other themes a little just to be sure, i went ahead with ADVENTURE!

about 5 months ago, i wrote a blog post titled “how to have an adventure every day”. it is a subject that means alot to me actually, because it’s really about attitude & perspective. who doesn’t want a life filled with adventure, excitement, new things, danger, and crazy, amazing experiences?! i certainly do. but, not all of us move to different countries, or travel the world for a year, or go hiking out west or in the bush, or white water rafting or jump from airplanes. not all of us want to, and yet we still want lives filled with adventure. we still yearn to be on the road, searching for something, though we may not quite know what it is. we still chase after that feeling of freedom and carefree days, where our breath is taken away by beautiful beautiful scenery. we still want to explore exotic places, meet new people, and feel like life has a purpose.

so, what i propose today, and what i proposed in my previous blog post about adventure, is this: anyone, anywhere can lead a life full of adventure. just the word “life” implies adventure. living through the ups & downs, valleys, and mountains, good times & bad times, moments of pain & moments of peace is an adventure. what i am saying is that we already have a life of adventure merely by the fact that we are alive. so, all it takes in order to feel like we’re some superhero or some world-traveling person is a change in attitude.

it is our perspective and attitude that makes all the difference. no one ever said that going to the grocery store couldn’t be an adventure. no one ever made a rule that only rich people, who jet set across the world, get to enjoy the excitement of adventure. no one ever said that we had to be anyone special in order to climb mountains (literal & figurative) and cross oceans. and it is not true that everyone else has amazing lives, but we do not.

now, i know that you may read this, and think: “yeah, but look at you, liz. moving from one country to the next, traveling, having adventure after adventure”. that’s all true. i have had many amazing opportunities, but i have worked hard for them. i made them happen by choosing to sacrifice one thing or another. but, more important, i have been blessed with the spirit of adventure (thanks to my parents!). and that’s something internal that i carry with me.

so, for july, we are going to lose the idea that life is boring. we are going embark together on a journey, an adventure. and i promise, if you come with me, it will be exciting, amazing, annoying, beautiful, tough, and wondrous all at the same time. this month, for every day, there is a word that is associated with adventure (in one way or another). my lovely instagram friends helped out by suggesting words, and i gathered them together into little sub-topics based on some of my favorite adventure books.

are you ready to begin your photo adventure for july?! are you ready to take a road trip, ride the ocean waves, travel to foreign lands, be challenged & fight for survival, go into the wilderness, and discover yourself as you embark on a quest of self-discovery?! it’s gonna be an epic journey! an adventure to never forget! and i invite you to come along!

here’s july’s list!

july photo a day

save it to your desktop or on your smartphone, so you know what the word is for each and every day. as i was thinking about simplicity, i realized that there are so many ways we can make our lives more simple, so i organized the month into six different themes that are centered on simplicity. each of the five words under each mini-theme give you something to focus on for those five days. remember that it’s all about how you interpret the word. be creative and express yourself however you want!

here’s a link to instagram so you can sign up & get started! click here to join in.

and if you want to become part of the bllphotoaday community, just follow me at @lizslens on instagram.

if you don’t have or don’t want instagram (which is totally fine!), then simply post your pics on facebook or on your blog. but, let me know, so i can follow along. i’ll do my best to spread the word that you are participating. however, the best way to create a photo journey community is actually on instagram. buuuuut, there is one more option… you can post your photos every day to belovelive’s facebook page! perhaps we can get that community growing as well! invite your FB friends to “like” belovelive’s page and then our community will spread even further & wider! think of all the inspiration! click here to go to belovelive’s page.

so, there ya go! we’re all ready for july now.

i just wanna give one more shout out to all of you #bllphotoaday photographers & friends. it has been an amazing ride, and i can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

peace & love, adventurers!

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