little discoveries.

i had some errands to do today, and as i was on my way home i turned down a street about 2 blocks from my apartment. it’s a street that i walk down frequently, but it’s not my usual route. and every time i do walk down it, i get so annoyed because there has been so much construction stuff going on. it’s just been an ugly block lately. i don’t know why i went this way this afternoon, but i’m glad i did. within just a block, i realized that a lot of the construction/renovation was complete & i discovered lots of little hidden treasures…

i remembered that lina and i had read or seen something about a hotel that had opened up on the street, so i decided to check it out. but, before i made it to the hotel, a store front window caught my eye. i was not sure what kind of store it was, but it looked chic, hip, funky. i was intrigued, but i did not go in. instead, i just window-shopped a little & decided that i’d make a little visit inside another day. i was feeling so excited to have discovered something new!

as i checked out the cute, little shop, i noticed a poster in the window. it was advertising an upcoming event in norrköping. this coming saturday afternoon/evening/night is the annual culture night (kulturnatten). i’m not really sure what it entails (i have no idea what lina & i were doing last year and why we missed it), but it is an event all over the downtown area of the city with lots of music, art, drama & other cultural (duh.) things.  i will be sure to take part in it this year!!

after i finally peeled myself away from the little store, i looked across the street and saw the new hotel. i’m not sure if it is open yet, but if it’s not, it sure is close! of course i crossed the street and began pressing my nose against the windows… hehe. i am dying to go in, because it looks amazing! but, i couldn’t muster up the courage. think i’ll wait until i am certain that it is open. however, what i saw from the outside seemed to be stylish, modern, & cozy – lots of pillows, fluffy furniture, and candles. and i could see through to the back – which also looked unbelievable! i saw a bunch of wood & some greenery, so i have no idea what’s back there. gaaahhh. i am so curious! i really hope that they do well. what a cute boutique-style hotel in our neighborhood! perhaps lina & i should support them by going there for dinner one night. hehe.

when i finally tore myself away from drooling over the new hotel, i kept walking down the street toward home. i had barely gone 20 steps before i noticed a little entrance into an inner backyard area that was open. most of the time i never go into these places (because they are private), but this one advertised a few businesses, so i took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, and went in, ready to play dumb if anyone questioned why i was there. as i walked through the passageway and entered the “backyard area”, i realized that this was no ordinary backyard. in fact, it was a passageway that wound through some trees and out to another street. it was perfectly quiet and beautiful. what an awesome find in the middle of the city!

so, here’s what i was reminded of again today. never be afraid to take a different route, to try something new. never forget to open your eyes a little – i guarantee that you will see something new, even in something that is old & familiar. and never judge something solely from the outside – it may actually be a cute little boutique, or a classy new hotel, or a bunch of trees in the middle of boring buildings. we never know what we might find if we simply open our eyes and look around, if we’re willing to explore a little and take some risks.

here’s to wishing you a day filled with new surprises, beautiful things, and peace in your heart.

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  1. Hotellet har öppnat! Det gjorde det i början av september. Jag och några klasskamrater gör nämligen ett arbete i skolan där vi ska marknadsföra dem mot en internationell marknad. Det är verkligen superfint där inne, rummen är fantastiska!

  2. You should make sure to get a program for Kulturnatten. I think you can pick them up at various places around town like DeGeerhallen or the art museum. If you can’t get one already you’ll certainly be able to find lots of them on the actual day. In it you’ll find most of the events listed though I think a lot of the stuff happens spontaneously or is at least planned to late to make it into the official program. There are all kinds of things going on! Last year I just strolled around after our concert and stumbled upon some completely crazy poetry reading to a band playing music of Tom Waits in an old bookstore. Most of the museums have events going on and even some restaurants. It’s one of the coolest things Norrköping has to offer so get out there and enjoy it!!

  3. Tack Faster Britt! And here is a link to it as a .pdf file.

    I’ve heard the “ligga-i-bänken” konsert at Olai Kyrka is really nice. You get to borrow blankets and pillows and lie down in the pews while you enjoy the concert. Not a bad idea considering the comfort level of most church pews! Not sure what the concert is but the experience must be quite unique. 10 p.m. in Olai Kyrka (which is really beautiful if you’ve never seen it).

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