26: The week that was the new beginning we needed

20: The week that was all over the place

a little train blogging to start the weekend right

december 26 // celebrating six years of marriage

// week thirty three // how to end your staycation with a bang

// week thirty // nick’s in town + vacation has begun!

week twenty seven // music + laughter + lots of summer sun

norrköping moments

how to conquer jet lag: fun!

the first cozy evening

a month like no other. (and august’s photo journey is revealed!)

living in limbo.

one last post from downtown.

call it karma. call it luck. call it whatever. i’m blown away.

welcome to my neighborhood.

celebrating life… the nordic spring way.

a restaurant that feeds your soul.

the 31 day journey begins. belovelive’s march photo a day!

i choose to inhabit my days.


another afternoon in europe.

30 days of thankfulness.


monday’s message.

autumn in everything.

nyköping by the sea.

the august festival.

the village on the canal.

time is flying by.

when your heart aches, it’s time to refocus.

i wanna graduate from high school in sweden.

a sign.

26: 12 o’clock.

day 5: mexico, pride, & birdies.

pink is not usually my favorite color.

a long walk with my love.

snapshots of stockholm.

norrköping in april.

a lady, the muppets, & some flowers.

march photo a day: week 1

the many joys of having a visitor.

out in the sunshine.

a little of this & a little of that.

lovely, lovely norrköping.

everything old is new again.

new year’s eve in norrköping.

christmas-time. i absolutely ♥ this day.

tuesday. 22 november.