live wild. flower child.

the other day something came to mind, so i wrote it down. a sort of truth. about me and about the natural world that surrounds me. now, i am no a poet (and, no, i am not sharing a poem), but some words popped into my head one morning, and they seemed to capture exactly how i was feeling in that moment – about living in these ancient blue ridge mountains – and i just had to write them down. it’s not poetry. but, it made me think about poetry. the images in my mind were to poetry, i suppose. my words, are just the futile attempt to express my feelings…

The Iight and the warmth of the sun gives me energy
The magic and the mystery of the moon helps me manifest my dreams
The movement of the wind inspires me
The mountains surrounding me call my name (ancestors, grounding, history)
The energy that flows among these ancient hills and valleys grounds, connects, and calms me.

two days ago, i took a little trip up into the mountains for a bit of a photo shoot (for a very exciting project/business i am working on!), and i found myself standing high on a mountain and deep within the trees. i also spontaneously took a very curvy, deserted mountain road down past a waterfall and into the little town of canton, where i used to live in what seems 2 lifetimes ago. my time that i let myself get lost up in these old, familiar places was calming and beautiful. it was like my soul opened up and let all of the light and magic and wonder fill it, leaving me feeling whole and content. 

i recalled the words that i had scribbled down earlier in the week, and i knew that this afternoon was the real life expression of my mind’s thoughts.

this mountain afternoon that i had, combined with my everyday moments surrounded the same mountains when i am at home in asheville, and the words that i scratched out on paper one day, have left me feeling: wild. free. magical. adventurous. natural. grounded. connected. inspired. and at peace. in a word, content. 

ego me selfie asheville sunset pisgah national forest waterfall

photo by paige
photo by paige

highway 215 magic trees pisgah me selfie forest


peace & love. be wild. xx

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