here we go!

well, friends. i’ve been working on something in the background for a few weeks. do you remember how i was a photographer for my sister-in-law’s wedding when i was in sweden in july? and do you remember that i had an unexpected announcement at the end of that post? well, due to the wedding and a few people seeing my photos… plus the fact that the bride and groom seems satisfied with the photos… plus the fact that an idea hit me over the head like a hammer… i decided that i’d put myself out there as a photographer. a real live photographer for hire. it seemed that the universe was giving me all of the signs. and i felt it in my soul. it actually felt out of my control, like it was just happening anyway.

and it was. just a couple of days after my sister-in-law’s wedding, a former co-worker in asheville contacted me, asking if i could be the photographer for her wedding in september. so i said yes! i’ve since met with her and we’ve planned a few things, and i’m a lll booked with a photo gig. eeeek!

on top of that, another friend (an instagram buddy) contacted me about a day or so after that, asking me if she could hire me as a photographer for her family – her sister was due to have a baby. of course, i said yes! and, poof! another booking.

so, with two bookings now and the opportunity to take photos and make some money doing what i love, i decided i needed to get serious about this. and my first order of business was a website, which i have been working on for some weeks. lina’s been helping me with logos and such – and she has created a beautiful dreamcatcher and logo. it was exactly what i wanted! and i have had some input on content and portfolio organization. i have worked on this website for weeks now, and i am so very excited to announce that it is complete! it is up! and it is live! photography is officially in business!!

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belovelive photographyIMG_6442

so, here i go. out there in the world, camera in tow, ready to capture all kinds of moments – big and small. ready to tell my story, your story, the human story through images. i am calling myself a travel + lifestyle photographer, someone who takes photos for weddings, family events, gatherings, etc. all the regular thing. but, i am also for hire for freelance photography. need a photo for your business? contact me! need a photo for your book, website, real estate company, or home? i can do it. plus, if you see any photos on my website that you like, they are available for purchase. an easy shop will be coming soon. i’d also love to hang some photos in a gallery.

gaaaah! i am so excited, so overwhelmed! you know, the more i let this sink into my bones, the more i realize that this is perfect for me. i’ve carried a camera around with me non-stop since i was a teenager. last week, as i was stressing out about how to organize things, i found myself randomly sitting beside a professional photographer of 40 years from new york city. we sipped tea together and he gave me advice. and you know what that advice was?

“stay true to yourself and get started now. you are already a photographer.”

me selfie ego photography

so, here i go. adding another piece of the journey to my life. opening another chapter and beginning on a new page. and i am so ready! so, go on over to and check out my website – see my approach to photography, and how i seek to capture harmony + wildness in the present moment.

thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way… thank you for commenting on this blog and giving me photography pep talks. you may not know you’ve done anything, but this blog, and all of you, dear readers, are a big reason that i can take this step. last fall, you helped me begin writing – and i am still doing that, still being published in the newspaper, only now i also have a column on the web and a chance to grow my writing opportunities as well. you supported and cheered me on all through that. and now, here i go again. chasing another dream, building on that which i have had the joy and pleasure to create in the past year. thank you… from the bottom of my heart!

now, let’s take some photos!! and don’t forget… if you need a photographer, no matter where you are, i’d be honored to capture some of your life’s moments and tell your story through images.

 peace and love. xx

“all glory comes from daring to begin.” – eugene f. ware

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  1. Wow Liz! That is fantastic I wish you all the very best in your new venture and look forward to hearing the updates on how it’s going. You are such an inspiration to me, now I just have to start pursuing my dreams…
    Take care. Dayna xx

  2. This is such beautiful news! Congrats Liz and thank you for being such an inspiration xx

  3. Liz, I guessed this was going on in the background, and what fabulous news to now view your site!
    If only a. we hadn’t booked someone, and b. you weren’t the other side of the pond, I’d have been in touch for our big day! I love your photos!
    I’ve just had a good look over your website, it looks fab!
    Good luck! And here, cheers, to the next chapter beginning!

    1. Gaaahhh! I would have loved to photo you lovely ladies. And… I may be a bit closer by then! 🙂 Thanks for being such an amazing support to me and cheering me on in all of my crazy dream chasing adventures! Love to you. xoxo

  4. This is so exciting!!!!

    And btw — I always thought you were a photographer!!! 🙂

    May the stories begin, again, of you and your camera capturing the world in all its brilliant colours.

  5. Hi Elizabeth. I think that photographer from New York is right. I’ve been following your blog and I think you’re already a professional photographer too.
    I love it when the universe opens up for us like this. Congratulations my friend on your dream job.
    Peace and love, Lorlinda

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