Liz+Lina’s NYC vlog

My two posts about our whirlwind NYC visit this summer are already posted and now it’s time for the video blog = vlog!

My amazing wife, Lina, has done a beautiful job gathering, creating, and editing a video blog of our NYC trip moments and I’ve posted it to our YouTube channel.  We both did the filming. So, right now you can head on over and watch a fun, quick 5 minute video of our amazing time in sunny, summery NYC.

Or, you can just watch it right here!

Didn’t Lina do an amazing job editing + creating this?!?! I absolutely love it!

If you’d like to see my photography + read some stories about this trip, you can find the posts below:

→ NYC Day 1

→ NYC Day 2

Posts about our time in the North Carolina mountains are coming soon. In the meantime, have a beautiful Sunday, lovelies. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel to get all of our videos as we post them!

xoxo. liz

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