love on trial.

i never made it all the way through the process of ordination in the United Methodist Church, as many of you know. but, one woman, rev. amy delong, did. we have some things in common. we both feel called to be ordained ministers in the UMC. we both have committed, loving relationships with women, and we both have experienced the sting of legalism over love. however, rev. delong, knows much more than i. she is an ordained minister in the UMC, and has been in ordained ministry for many years. she has juggled keeping her life with the church and her life with her partner secret for many years. but, in the past recent years, she realized and was affirmed that she, needed and wanted to be honest, truthful, free so that she could be the best minister and partner she could be. so, she decided to begin to tell her story, to weave together the parts of her life, and to speak out so that the UMC might begin to heal the brokenness and discrimination.

the problem now is that rev. amy delong has now been charged with 2 offenses of the UMC. and she will have a trial. beginning today. ironically, the trial is being held at peace united methodist church in the state of wisconsin. hopefully peace and justice will prevail. below is a quote from the website love on trial. you can follow trial updates from the website, or just read up on amy & her experiences.

Grace-Filled Ministry Prohibited

It is with great sadness that this website exists.

As is its pattern in matters regarding human sexuality, The United Methodist Church has once again chosen legalism over love and punishment over partnership.

Rev. Amy DeLong, an effective preacher and pastor, finds herself on the wrong side of church law because of: 

Pastoral Care (she gracefully cared for a loving lesbian couple by officiating at their Holy Union) and
Love (she and Val, her partner of 15 years, share a life-affirming, deeply loving relationship).

Both of these affirmations of love are prohibited by the United Methodist Church and are considered “chargeable offenses.” Conviction of a chargeable offense can lead to the removal of clergy credentials and all ministerial privileges.  

A trial date of June 21-23, 2011, has been set.

i’ve got so much to be thankful for, so much excitement going on these days… still, this issue always weighs heavily on my heart. i think about it daily. and what comes out of this trial may somehow change things for me and for for many others – in good or bad ways. are we (the UMC) going to be faithful to the gospel or faithful to the institution (=rules) of the institution? i just wanted to share my thoughts. it helps me process things. thanks for reading.


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  1. Stay strong… if you are living true to yourself and conducting yourself with love and courage you shed light for others… It’s always hardest on the groundbreakers paving a way for other to eventually follow. IN the immediate future she may not get exactly what she wants, but she contributes to the bigger picture of acceptance and equality for all… I believe we are getting there.

    (I’m not saying it right because I’m in a morning fog).

  2. thanks, girly. i get what you’re saying… even though it was early for you. 🙂 thanks for your support and for your kind words. i’m a fighter, and i’ll never give up. and i believe as you… change will come! hope you had a good day! ~liz

  3. Great post – as always! Keep on fighting hun. I know it’s seems pointless and frustrating sometimes but all those little voices will become one big one. You will be heard!!! Praying for you xx

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