telling my story of faith + exclusion and the rebellious act of being me

what’s at stake: waiting for the supreme court to decide on love

wedding bells weekend

the day that love came to north carolina

wednesday wisdom: rules of living # 4

sensory overload: part 9

and the celebrations continue…

sometimes you gotta be defrocked in order to live with integrity.

my response to your response.

open hearts? no. open minds? no. open doors? no. open wounds? yes!

“a closet is no place for a person to truly live.”

same love.

i’m ok… even though i got an email.

moral monday comes to asheville. and i was channeling the 60s.

nothing is weird in asheville.

it’s a double rainbow day!

pins and needles.

call me crazy, but i’m risking it.

jesus, the supreme court, & me.

the next chapter from my memoir: 33 changed everything.

what does it mean to be open?

a time to remember in berlin.

i’m still so in love.

i’m rested and i’m ready.

having an expat moment.

three years at home.

edith & her fight.

love is in the air.

i pulled an all-nighter.

fly away, little bird. fly away.

either you are welcome or you’re not.

sometimes you just need to breathe.

sunday night stuff.

immigration said yes!

thursday’s top ten.

the storm before the calm.

day 7: someone who inspires you.

day 5: mexico, pride, & birdies.

day 3: something i wore.(and incompatible me).

you know love wins, right?

the last day of april & a challenge for may.

tapping into our inner atticus finch.

things i love.

the love of my life.

just for today. just be you.

a kiss is just a kiss.

in case you don’t think it’s real.

everyday is a day for equality.