meditation mondays: find your word for 2015

for the past few years, i’ve chosen a word as a guide to inspire me throughout the year. something to help me focus + keep meaning in my everyday life. a word that helps me reach for my dreams + reminds me of all of my wishes + hopes + desires for the upcoming year.

this past year, 2014, has been a bit of a failure in the sense of what my word was, and how the year turned out. my word was paradise. and i had one vision of what paradise would look like to me. but, the reality of 2014 has turned out to be something completely different. part of that is simply life happening as it happens, and part of it is because i didn’t do my part in making that paradise that i envisioned a reality.

but, enough about the past. i’ve come to terms with my 2014 word, and have learned a lot from it. i have turned that page in my journal, and i’m ready to begin anew. but, let me stress this first:

just because i feel like my word was a “failure”, does not mean that i do not think that i am exactly where i am supposed to be. even in the midst of my failed visions of paradise, i am certain that things have unfolded in the precise way that they needed to. that is to say, i can learn from my misguided ideas of what paradise was to me and reflect on where i am + where i want to go just the same. when, in life, do our visions + dreams turn out exactly as we planned them anyway? never, for me. but, there is always meaning and purpose and blessing behind each experience, each moment, each lesson.

of course, throughout the year i had tons of moments of paradise. so, it’s not like 2014 was a waste… far from it. i’ll share with you my 2014 summary in the next day or two. this reflection on 2014 today is much more of an internal one. of knowing where i missed the mark + how i can improve on things as i grow to become a better person.

so, with all of that said, i’m ready to reveal my word for 2015:


yep. for 2015 i am focusing on the power that is within me to push me to follow through with many things that i need + want in my life. the word feels just perfect to me. ultimately it is simply a kick in the ass. a movement from being to doing. and yet, all of my action comes from a deeply grounded place within me. it feels like a balanced word. a balance from the power that i can draw from the well of my soul, that thrusts me forward. it’s a word that reminds me that there are things to do and a life to live and it’s time to make shit happen. no holding back. i am fearless. powerful. ready. disciplined.

that right… i’m empowered.

so, my friends, do you ever choose a word for a year? have you done it before? and would you consider doing for the first time, or doing it again? i tell you, it is truly an inspiring and grounding thing to do. i most highly encourage you to seek that word that seems to just well up from within you. if you slow down and listen just a bit, you will feel it + hear it. it’s usually the first word that comes to you.

it can be a passive word or an active word. something that helps you to slow down + focus inward or something that forces you outward + gives you energy. if you’re intrigued, then take a peek at the list of words below, and see if anything strikes you or speaks to you. go with your gut. ponder it for a few days and see how it feels. i mulled over three words for about a week, but always keep coming back to “empowered”.

find your word: part one

so, here’s your chance to discover your word for 2015, if you want. you’ve got 2 days before the new year begins.

  1. find a quiet space alone for about 30 minutes. light a candle + grab a glass of your favorite drink. get ready to open your heart and set some intentions. be open. listen. breathe deep.
  2. envision how you want 2015 to look, what you want to be + do. think about your dreams and goals and wishes for the new year. write it all down, if you want. or make a collage. doodle. create. brainstorm and dream away…
  3. based on your thoughts from above, decide if you feel that 2015 is a year to focus on slowing down and looking inward or if it is a year to be more active and social and putting yourself out there.
  4. then, look over the lists of words below and notice 2 or 3 that seem to stand out at you. use them as a starting point to kind of get in the groove. don’t think about it or analyze it. go with your gut. remember, these are only a few words that are suggestions to get you thinking. use them, or pay attention to others that seem to pop up. just let them come to you.
  5. write down 3-5  possible words and let them sit there on the page. then, close your journal or put way the piece of paper. leave it alone and come back to it tomorrow.

passive words:

nurture, be, rest, peace, spirit, heart, soul, magic, truth, light, calm

active words:

motivate, energy, focus, radiate, soar, grow, strength, change, flow, direction, create, travel

tomorrow, i will lead you to make your final choices for your word for 2015. try not to stress about it. trust that your soul already knows exactly what you need. there can be no “wrong” word. think back to my story about paradise above. it didn’t turn out the way that i wanted/hoped/envisioned it, but that’s not to say that it was the wrong word. it led me to this point and to my new word, and i am so very certain that empowered is exactly the word for me for 2015.

now, go and let the words just roll around in your head. give them over to your heart. and move on to something else. tomorrow we will narrow it down and the perfect word (which may not even be one of the ones you chose to write down) will emerge. trust yourself. everything you need is already within you.

light + love + inspiration, my friends. xoxo

7 thoughts on “meditation mondays: find your word for 2015

  1. Liz, your words are always inspiring, but your post today was (another) one I could really relate to. I also had certain expectations about things I would accomplish over the past year or so on my journey and some of those things didn’t really happen – because I too didn’t “do my part,” which for me was recognizing and tackling the underlying issue. But like you, I am certain that things unfolded in the precise way they needed to and so the relation of your struggle in the last year really resonated with me.

    But it is because of the second half of your post that I am commenting because a word popped into my head while reading it – a word that both perfectly captures what I need to remain aware of as I continue on my journey and summarizes what I’ve been journaling about the past three days. Since, as I said, I have an incredible capacity for rationalizing actions that allow me to unconsciously avoid the fundamental issues, you have given me a tremendous gift of a word that I can use to refocus when I’m no longer aware that I have become unfocused. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I wish you an empowered, fearless 2015 in which all your dreams come true. Go kick ass (and then please blog about it to inspire the rest of us). Much love, xoxo.

    1. Oh my goodness, Meghan. This comment is amazing. I am so so so touched that this post has touched you in some way + seemed to make sense to you. Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and ponderings with me.

      I am so excited that you have found a word to help keep you focused and centered. And, you know, it helps me tremendously to know that you are out there, struggling somewhat just as I am. At least we are not alone. 🙂 However, I wish all of the best for you in 2015 – that you stay on track and continue your journey, knowing that you always are exactly where you need to be. I suppose it’s the reflection that makes the journey that more amazing – when we slow down to process what is going on and where we want to be (physically + as people), then we are blessed over and over again with the inspiration to help us keep moving forward. And,it helps to always journey with each other.

      I am so grateful to you for sharing, and if you feel the desire to share your word with me, then I’d love to take it to my heart and send you vibes and wishes and dreams of fulfilling your own intentions + dreams for 2015. (You can email me privately, of course!).

      Lots of love and hugs to you. xoxo

  2. I agree that reflection is essential but I would argue that such awareness does not always provide inspiration or even strength to keep moving forward on our journeys – and that’s where people like you come in, to provide guidance. You so eloquently relate your own struggles, making it easy for people to
    glean wisdom from your words and to identify elements common to all of us – as humans on our own paths of individual growth. But of course I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know since I believe you’re well aware of your capacity for relating to people, and for teaching and providing guidance.

    I’m so grateful for your words, so thank you again. It helps me tremendously too knowing you’re out there and that even though we may be on our own paths that we aren’t actually alone. Best wishes on your own journey in 2015. xoxo

    P.S. This is the first time I’ve seen your full site as opposed to the mobile version and it’s fantastic – I love it!

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