a day of rest

hi friends. have you been recovering from your holiday fun? or are you still going strong in the middle of it? i, for one, have spent today resting + just being. catching up on some down time. when you have guests, everything always seems a bit busier, for you + for the guests. and, lina parents, lina, and i all decided last night that today would be a “stay at home and do nothing” kind of day. in fact, some of us never even got out of our pjs. we literally met each other at the dining table at various times throughout the day for meals + for an afternoon fika. other than that, we were in our separate rooms, doing our own¬†things for the most part. and, i think it’s good when people are able to be alone, and yet together. when there’s no stress to entertain one another + everyone can just do whatever they feel like doing.


during the day, i accomplished setting + planning + booking our spot for our big new year’s eve¬†celebration. tidying a bit in the kitchen. fixing some things on my website. playing with some of my christmas gifts – an iPhone lens attachment (!!!) + my moleskin notebook. and a quick meet up with my brother for a beer or two at highland brewing, just to chat and hang out… cause that’s what we love to do. it was fabulous brother-sister time. something that we won’t have the chance to do very often… very soon. so,i cherished that hour and a half with my brother today.


tonight, after got home from the beer, we ordered pizza online to be delivered to the apartment and blew away lina’s parents, who have never experienced that before. that was super fun. hehe. and now, where am i? well, i am still in my bed (minus the meal times and the beer with my bro). writing and blogging and just being. it feels quite perfect. i’d love to stream something on netflix right now, but i am afraid i just might fall asleep. hehe.

so, how do you like to spend your down time? and what have you done today?

light + love xoxo

4 thoughts on “a day of rest

  1. Gemma and I have been a bit like that for the last 3 days! Just the two of us, at home, in pj’s. Currently drinking cider, eating and watching tv (when I should be retyping up our menus for the new year and I’m reading your blog!!!)
    So lovely to know you’ve had a fab christmas!
    When do you move to this side of the pond love??

    1. I sure do hope that you have had a great holiday too! Glad that you and Gemma have had some down time to relax and enjoy each other. I’ll be in Sweden on January 20th! CRAZY!! xoxo

  2. Our 8 days of hosting just ended this morning, so I am super excited for some down time!! Your day sounds wonderful and relaxing. I love that you could surprise Anders and Mari-Anne with pizza delivery! That is not a luxury we have out here in rural SD, unfortunately, but I sure loved it in Chicago.

    1. It was so much fun having pizza delivered here! They were so cute and excited!! Hope your holiday has been just beautiful!

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