Midsummer Rituals: The Truth of Sisterhood of the Rose

Do you ever let yourself think that you’re here for a reason? Do you believe that you have a specific something that is uniquely you that you can offer to the world + the people you meet? Is there a truth that we all have hidden in our souls?

This is gonna be a short post today – mostly because I’m living it up with my own special sisterhood this weekend – but, it’s still a post that I wanted to be sure to write + share. Because it is important.

So far, in my Midsummer Rituals journey, I’ve embraced my warrior self, let it all crumble down (and it sure did crumble), and come to understand that in the rubble is where I am most ready to begin to awaken + arise. But, what am I waking up to?

Well, I think it just so happens to be exactly what this card today is all about.

Today’s card in the Sisterhood of the Rose. It’s a symbol of a magical, mystical tribe of people tapping into the divine feminine for the purpose of awakening to their own gifts + purpose for the sake of sharing their message, their own truth, with the world.

Now, this may sound all froo froo to you. Or it may sound amazing, but just way too out of reach for regular ole us. But, I think it is exactly the message we need right here + right now. At least, I need it.

I think that we do all have some kind of message to share with the world. And that message is directly connected to who we are. To our soul. Our likes, interests, gifts. It’s not a message that has to ever be stated or written about or spoken about with words. It is the message of our soul that is embodied in our lives.

In other words, our message, what the world needs to hear from us, what we can contribute to this earth during our time here, is meant to be shared by simply being who we are. Right in the middle of everyday life. We don’t have to become preachers or mystics or authors or missionaries or saints or motivational speakers – though some of us can + will.

We don’t have to become anything except who we are. And who we are becomes our message to the world.

That is when we become a member of the sisterhood of the rose… when we recognize that we have something to offer + devote our lives to becoming who we are meant to be. That is how we help to heal the earth. It is how we tap into our wild souls + make every second of our lives sacred + affect positive change + send out love. It is our highest calling… to simply be who we are.

There is a parable (a story) in the New Testament of the Christian Bible that recounts a little anecdote that Jesus shared with his followers. It is a story of wildflowers + birds + living in the present moment. And it has stuck with me since I first heard it as a child. In fact, there are many little stories + verses throughout the Bible that have the same message.

A message of not worrying. A message of being.

You see, the story starts off with Jesus reminding his followers to stop fussing over what we do, how we look, etc. In fact, he suggests that we walk into a field and just look at the wildflowers. They don’t worry about anything. They don’t stress out about doing anything. They simply are. The are planted. And grow. And bloom. And, if you imagine yourself in a field of wildflowers, you know that they bring beauty to the world. That is their purpose.

If the energy of the divine flows through these wildflowers that are just being + growing + flowing with nature, then why wouldn’t the divine do the exact same with us? The only thing we need to do is to be. To follow the example of nature + simply grow + bloom into who we are.

So, the sisterhood of the rose challenges us to slow our lives down. To stop worrying about what to do + how to do it. But, to instead just let our truth flow from our soul. When we are living our lives in alignment with our soul, when we are true to who we are, then every single little bit of our lives will be a reflection of that truth. And without even doing anything, that unique message that is yours + that unique message that is mine will be shared with the world.

Sporting my sash that my students gave me when they graduated this week. It means “class’s rock”. And it shows me that I am so on the right track of living my truth.

It’s such a little thing… to just be who we are. But, it can + will leave a big impact. The truth is, our truth, yours + mine, are needed to help heal this planet. We are needed. We have a purpose. And all we have to do is to be. The embodiment of our souls, the blooming of our truth, will happen naturally as we embrace who we are. We will become simply because we are.

Power + light + truth to you all. xoxo. liz.

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