Midsummer Rituals: The Magic of Awakening

You see? Even though we let it all crumble down, even though we surrendered to the scariness of the unknown, we tapped into our inner Warrior Woman + pushed through our fear. And, here we are now, building + birthing something new. Here we are, even if we still feel afraid or like it’s all just a pile of rubble in front of us, on the threshold of a new awakening.

Ok, honestly it may not feel like an awakening is occurring right now. But, it is. I firmly believe, because I have experienced it time + time again, that those moments of darkness, uncertainty, crumbling, and fear are the beginnings of something new. A chance to be woke. But, we have to choose to awaken. We have to choose to be woke. We have to choose to open our eyes + hearts + minds to a bigger potential than what we see or feel or understand. We have to choose to have an attitude of abundance + hope, even when all we see is crumbled, broken pieces on the ground.

I’ve read, as some of you have too I imagine, that in Japan when someone breaks a piece of pottery, they glue it back together with gold. They want the cracks to be seen. The cracks tell a story. The cracks are unique. The cracks are marks of character + beauty,

Those moments that we become broken, those cracks that we have, are symbols of struggle + survival. They are our marks of wisdom + experience. They tell the stories of our heartbreaks + disappointments + low moments. But, they also reveal how we have overcome them. What if we really did see all of the crumbling before us a potential beauty… as opportunity to piece together something totally new + right for this moment in time?

That is an awakened way of living life. When we take all of the shit + let it be transformed into a work of beauty. When we take all of the fear + pain + ugliness of defeat, disappointment, + tragedy and believe that it has something to teach us. When we believe that we can, and will, rise from the rubble and embody our soul, even more evolved + awakened than we were before.

Awakening feels good. It’s a slow, long process – lifelong I dare say. But it is freeing. It’s like being let loose, to float up, higher + higher.

But, true awakening happens right here, right now, in everyday life. True awakening is found in the messiness of daily living.

And pulling this card right after the Warrior Woman + crumbling seems just about right. It automatically sparks my intuition to make some pretty amazing connections – all leading me to feel that a shift, an awakening, really is occurring.

I may not know anything about it. Or have any specific thoughts or ideas about it. But, it is clear to me that I need the courage of a warrior to guide me through the changes (crumblings) and shift into a time of awakening to a new understanding, a deeper way of living, and a higher purpose for my life.

Awakening to me isn’t about being an all-enlightened guru or saint sitting on a wealth of knowledge or wisdom, just waiting to hand it out to everyone. Awakening, first, is simply being aware of one’s self. I deeply believe that I need to be woke to myself before I can even begin to think about being an awakened being.

The first way to wake up is to become aware of my purpose. Now, once again, this is no secret personal legend that I have to go seeking at the far ends of the earth. Awakening to my purpose, to my self, to my truth + my soul, is simply becoming. And that’s why I think it is best done in the middle of everyday, messy life.

Every single freaking one of us has something to offer to this world. Something that this world needs. There are ideas, truths, concepts, art, words, images, love inside each of us… just waiting to be freed out into the world. The question is, are we willing to answer the deep calling of our souls? Are will ready to respond? Are we ready to wake up?

Whatever we have to share + offer, this season is asking us to shift + serve + shine.

Sometimes this awakening will feel magical, like the breathtaking magic of a morning sunrise. Stay connected + grounded. Feel the awe + wonder of it all, but keep yourself rooted with whatever practices keep you feeling stable + calm + strong. Breathe, meditate, walk, write, create. It is perhaps here that you will actually find what your soul wants to offer to the world.

Just stay close to yourself. Stay focused on your truth + on your light. Let it all unfold + rise naturally.

And let the light of the sun, the life-giving light of this season, begin to seep in through the cracks. Let those cracks turn to slivers of gold, reflecting back to the world all of your unique, brilliant beauty. It’s time to wake up to just how beautiful we really are – cracks, crumbles, fears, and all.

xoxo. liz.

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