Midwinter Rituals: Align Your Life

Nature is cyclical; but, so are we. It’s so easy to see how nature cycles and evolves and transforms simply by watching the seasons come + go, by experiencing the rising + setting of the sun every day, and by living by the cycles of life + death + rebirth of the phases of the moon from month to month. But, we must not forget that we are also a part of these natural cycles. As we move through our lives, we grow + evolve + transform. Cycling through changes, becoming more + more in tune with who we are + who we are meant to be. And, I do believe, that this process is simply a wondrous, beautiful, magical process of continuing to align + adjust. Not so that we become more perfect, but so that we become more authentic.

As each year passes, for me at least, I feel that I come more + more into my own. That is, I come to own who I am. I come to know my soul deeper + wider. And, I accept + surrender to the me that my soul calls me to be. As each year passes, I grow more + more confident, secure, and, honestly, in love with myself. It is an empowering, liberating, grounding feeling.

And, right now, I can literally feel one cycle ending + new one on the horizon. I can feel that I have outgrown one way of living + need to take stock of my life, once again, so that my soul + my work, my deepest truth + my daily existence, are in alignment.

Today’s card is a calling to let go of who we once were. To surrender to how we have changed, and to release all of the old ways we defined ourselves in the past. It’s time, as we enter the transition to a new year, to step into who we truly are. To step courageously into our future + our authenticity. There’s no holding back now. This is the time to let go, align, and become.

Let go of the old. Align our life with our soul. And embody who we really are, letting our light shine brightly for all to see.

If you’re like me, then you’ve outgrown some circumstances, relationships, feelings, people, etc. after moving through this year. And that means that it’s time to reassess + bring all of the parts of our life into alignment. To let our life catch up with our soul. To let our soul live out her calling in our life. 

These last few weeks of 2018 are the perfect setting for this. This Midwinter Ritual time is the perfect tool for a time such as this. As I say over + over again, it is necessary to reflect on where we are been, understand where we are right now, and discern where we are meant to go. Our intuition + our souls, will let us know exactly where + how + in what way we need to release + align in order to live the most authentic, amazing, soul-filled, wild + sacred life possible.

The thing to remember is, the need to align our lives, is also cyclical. It’s not a once in a lifetime thing. It’s a recurring spiritual discipline, a naturally repeating activity. If we do not align our lives every now and then, we do not grow. We remain stagnant + stuck. And no one truly wants to feel stuck. Sometimes, though, we simply don’t know how to get unstuck. Can I get an amen?

I mentioned in my last post that these cards are reflecting to me daily exactly where I am + what I need.  My intuition is at its peak right now, and my sweet soul is softly, yet clearly, whispering to me, as the universe confirms to me again + again the messages that spirit has for me. It’s almost absurd how clear + obvious how it all is. I don’t even have to work hard to find something. I am not seeking anything.

For me, this is what it looks like when my life is in alignment. Everything makes sense. Everything speaks to me. Messages come to me in the wind, through an email, by a flock of birds flying by, with the visit of a special person, and in the simple, yet so very special, sense of just knowing. The key, I believe is just being present. It is being open. Expecting nothing, and expecting everything all at the same time. This is also the key to getting unstuck. Just showing up. Day after day. Being open + present. Should we be dedicated to simply doing that, then our soul will guide the way and the messages will unfold. 

These magical moments of finding a way to align are just that… magic. For me, they have not been an everyday occurrence, but rather very special, powerful moments of pure clarity + certainty. The thing is, though, to consistently show up. To consistently seek to live a slow, mindful life of the soul. To engage in contemplation + meditation. In order to know how to align, we must know who we are, we must know our soul. And, therefore, we must make time to be with our soul. Even if we don’t see the fruits of our labor of showing up + digging in. But, it will come. The more we slow down + listen, the more we create space in our lives, the more our soul will speak + show us how to align our life.

From my Saturday experience at the old congregation/church where I worked, to feeling a desire for a new challenge, to knowing that it is time for me to claim my own priestess powers, to feeling inspired to create something of my own from the ground up, I realize that this past year… yes, the whole year… has been an inner journey leading me to the threshold of the new year + a new path. I still do not know at all what lies ahead, but opportunities + thoughts + possibilities are opening up wide right before my eyes. Things that I must ponder + consider. Ways to embody all that I have learned.

Will it be by writing a book, starting my PhD, becoming a certified mindfulness instructor, or any number of other things… 

It is right now that I need to understand what it is that I have learned, so that I can be prepared to see + feel + know how to keep moving from day to day. No clear answer will come to me in a flash, but there will be sense of direction. There already is. My soul is guiding me. And I’m terrified + ecstatic all at the same time.

But, the work of aligning our lives is just that: terrifying + exciting. What are we waiting for?

Questions for you to ponder:

What in your life is not aligned or needs to change?

What do you need to release as you say farewell to this year? What old ways have you  grown out of?

Spend some time in silence with your soul. Who are you? 

What new dreams or goals or messages are being sent to you? From where?

No matter how we feel, no matter what we know or don’t know, one thing is for certain. Change. And, right now, we are literally in the midst of change. Darkness will be surrendering to light. And light will be surrendering to dark in the southern hemisphere. One revolution around the sun will soon be complete and a new year is soon upon us. The cycle of life is continuing. We are growing + evolving. And that means that, in order to continue the cycle of our spiritual + personal development, it is the perfect time to align our lives. And to become the true, authentic self we are meant to be.

xoxo. liz.

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