Midwinter Rituals: Three days of light in the dark

First there was the last day of work. Then there was a travel day. And, then, there was a settling in day. These 3 days were packed with action + magic. So much so, that I didn’t quite get the 3 posts I had hoped to share with you on these 3 days done. But, there’s still time. And, there’s no need for stress or guilt on my part. Because sometimes it’s just way more important to be present in the moment than to stick to the original plan. Besides, in the end, it will always unfold exactly as it should. And, so here I sit in the dark of an early Christmas Eve morning, with only the glow of colored lights on the tree in my parents’ home in the North Carolina mountains, ready to summarize + write about the shared theme of light from the past 3 days.

This midwinter series has revealed so much to me in the middle of the darkness. And, now, it is beginning to shed some light on it all. It’s all coming together. All of the stirrings of my soul have heightened my intuition + given me the perfect setting for slowly letting my feelings, thoughts, and dreams rise up from deep within. The darkness + these midwinter rituals posts have provided a space for me to connect to my own wisdom. And, this card, from day 10 of the series is just the sign I need to trust all that has been revealed.

In the deepest darkness of winter, a path forward has formed. In no way do I know where that path leads, or what the path even looks like, much less what adventures lie ahead for me. What I do know, is that I have taken a step on the path of my soul. I have found it. And it leads me onward. Forward. Inward. Upward. Downward. Outward.

My task now is to simply follow it. To trust it. To know that whatever lights up my soul will lead me on the path to light up the world in my own unique way. It’s just to show up, stay connected to my soul, and trust my path. And, that doesn’t mean that I even know what my soul is saying to me. Knowing my path simply means trusting my soul. It does not mean knowing what, where, how, when, or even why sometimes. I don’t know to what I am called. There is no specific job for me to do or figure out or discover. No specific meaning that, if I don’t find it, then I will miss out. The only thing to do is to listen, to feel, to intuit, and to stay grounded. That’s it. Day to day. Trusting that I will be moving one step forward every single day, fulfilling my destiny + becoming who I already am.

This card is a special card. An extra card. One I pulled to celebrate the winter solstice. And, there couldn’t be a better card to follow right after the previous one. Basically, there is not much to say about this confirmation card. Here’s the winter solstice message: Whatever we are doing, whatever I am learning + experiencing, keep on keeping on. It’s a continuation of the previous message. The only thing to do is to trust + to ground down + to move forward. And the way to do that? By trusting all that my soul is revealing.

The darkest night of the year is now over + the light is ever so slowly returning. One little bit at a time, a teeny bit lighter every single day. So small that we hardly notice the change, and suddenly, in a few months, we will see that the days have grown hours longer. So it is with this card. It’s a reminder to just keep doing it. To keep walking, To keep trusting. To keep living that wild + sacred life. And, in a few months time, at the summer solstice, when I look back again, I will see how I have evolved + changed + grown. I will see how the light has shown through me, without me even being really aware of it.

The same goes with you, lovely soul. You’re already doing it. You have already accomplished so very much. Trust your self. Trust your soul. Your true north will guide you. The light will always lead you home.

How about a full moon + a card all about being the light? There was a big, bright full moon this weekend ushering us into the last days of 2018. For me, it serves as a bridge from this year into the next. And, coupled with this card that I pulled for this full moon day, not only is the moon a bridge for this time of transition, but we are too.

The full moon this weekend, a very emotional one, illuminated the wisdom that we do not have to look outside ourselves to discover the divine. The message is that within us, flowing through us, from top to bottom, we are the divine light embodied. We are the bridge between heaven + earth.

This is a deep intuitive tidbit of wisdom that I have felt rising from within me for years now. It is the message of Yule, of Christmas. God, the divine, became human so that we might become God. What that means is not that we must morph into something else. But, rather, it means that divinity comes down to earth, to embody humanity, to literally announce to us that there is no divine out there somewhere. The divine is as close as our own heart. We are it. You + me + everyone on this planet. We are the stardust, the image of the Source, meant to uncover, discover, reveal, and live out our own light that is one in the same as the light of the cosmos.

The magical full moon this past weekend reminded us, as we say goodbye to this year, that we are the bridge, we are the light, to take into the new year. For me, the focus for the new year becomes more + more clear. I have spent many years now discovering + diving deep into the depths of my soul – through living closely with nature + the seasons + the moon. So, it seems absolutely magically appropriate that on this last full moon of 2018, I am reminded that the path I am following now is the one of embodiment. It is time for me to bridge my deep intuitive years + a new future of living out all that has been revealed.

I am the bridge. I am the oracle. I am the living embodiment of the divine. As are you. Now, all that we need to do is to let all of that light + wisdom flow within us, through us, and out into the world. And we will radiate + illuminate all of the love that is possible simply by being who we authentically are. It’s a journey of the soul that leads us to fulfilling the calling to follow our soul’s path + creating a sacred life that is meant to illuminate the entire world.

And there we go. Three days + three blogs posts all combined into one little summary post. Magically, even though I pulled these cards back in November, it’s almost as if they were meant to be grouped together into one. All of them revealing that it is time to move on. That the light is returning. That the deep dark moments of the midwinter are now moving toward the light. We are still in the dark center of the season, but a shift has occurred and it is obvious that we are now moving forward. All that has been revealed, all of the mysteries, secrets, and wisdom have been gathered into our souls. ANd, now, as we sit in the continued quiet of the winter season, we trust that something is now being born. We patiently allow it to be embodied + born from us. Slowly, intentionally. There is no need to rush. There is only to be. Present. Grounded. Connected. Aware. The sacred journey continues, the seasons of the year march onward, and our spirits flow slowly with the pace of nature.

Trust. You’re already on your way. Just stay grounded in your soul. And let the light radiate from within you. Illuminating the world.

Merry Christmas Eve, lovely souls. xoxo. liz

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