Midwinter Rituals: The Age of Light

This is it, dear ones. This is my 12th post in my 12 days of Midwinter Rituals series. 12 cards. 12 days. 12 posts. And this one is p-o-w-e-r-ful. This one is the one that is filled with light + that pushes us onward into the spirit + magic + medicine + energy of the new year. And, if this card is any indication, then it will be an empowering year of rising and emerging and living out all that is in our souls. It will be a year of ancient, deep wisdom + new, inspiring heights.

Now, remember, back in the beginning of December, I shared that I had pulled 12 cards for these 12 posts. I pulled them all at once. So, today’s card was chosen weeks ago. Just as all of them were. And, the previous post, where I shared 3 cards in one, was a magical grouping of themes that marked the shift of the solstice, of Yule, and of Christmas. Light in the dark. It literally blew my mind when I saw what these cards were, individually. But, when I missed posting them as separate posts, I realized that it was meant to be that I shared them all at once.

Now, with today’s card, the last one… I am more blown away than before. There could not be a better card to end on. The card literally pushes + shifts us into a new year. Into a new age. Into a life of light.

It’s such a profoundly perfect card to end with that I simply mush share with you what Rebecca Campbell writes in her guidebook for this oracle card set. When you read her words, you just may get goosebumps + heart palpitations as I did. Knowing, intuiting, that this is the message that the universe has directly for us + for this Midwinter Rituals series. It’s fucking amazing.

I’m not going to say too much about this card, the words + image speak for themselves. And we need a little space of silence in order to absorb them…

But, I will share a few of my own personal reflections.

Without being anywhere close to being aware of it, this Midwinter Rituals series was exactly what my soul wanted for me. It was exactly the thing to help me uncover + discover the magic that was left for me to find as I transition into a new year + a whole new fucking phase of life.

I have no grand plans. I have no elaborate details. I have no intentions or resolutions or ideas or anything. The only thing I have is my intuition + the medicine of this magical season. This magical deep, dark, ancient season of transition. Can you see it in your minds eye? Can you visualize it?

From the gray, dark, dreariness of November. Descending downward. Deeper + deeper. Darker + darker. A hard, slow, frightening journey. To the still, quiet, solitary, silence of December and the Winter Solstice. Here we are at the darkest. The deepest. The most quiet. Way, deep, down under the earth. Where the roots are. There is nothing to see, nothing to hear. There is only to feel. Intuit. Know. And then, right at the solstice, a ray of light breaks through. A candle is lit. And a very slow, practically undetectable rise upward begins again. The soul feels it, though. Nature knows it as well. And, therefore, we know + trust that we are on way back toward the light. As long as it may take, we begin to rise.

This is the transition of the season. Pure organic earth magic. Pure heavenly cosmic magic. This is the season where ground + sky meet, where the heavens + the earth connect, where divinity + humanity are embodied.

Today’s card, the age of light, closes out this series by ushering us into a new phase. A new time + way of living. And, we were made for this time. Our souls are ready for this time. We have all that we need for this time. And we are needed. Right here, right now.

All that is left now, is to… shine. step forward. emerge. be seen. rise. and embody all that our souls have gathered.

Thank you so much, lovelies, for following along with me during this blog series through December. What a beautiful way it has been for me to intentionally, consciously slow down to feel the magic of the season + the power of my own intuition.

Here’s to wishing you a sacred + blessed transition into 2019. May you use these last few days to find your own light within + ready yourselves to move forward and claim all of the magic that awaits you in the new year!

Midwinter holiday blessings. xoxo. liz

4 thoughts on “Midwinter Rituals: The Age of Light

  1. Hi Liz,

    This is such great stuff. The light has been a huge reality and metaphor in my life and in my healing, so these posts have really touched me and affirmed so much. My first name is about light and when I picked a different name to use for healing and online, I was surprised and pleased that it did as well.

    It is so great to see we are walking the same path, and in the same direction. 🙂

    Good and healing thoughts to you and your family.


    1. Oh my dear Kate,
      I am so very glad that you and I share this space together. What a gift it is to receive the light that you radiate. Blessing and healings to yous. xoxo

      1. Liz,

        Just remembered it, was the light that drew me to you. I was wordpress surfing for “Christmas lights.” 🙂 You had a wonderful photo of a outdoors evergreen tree of yours posted to your blog. It was lovely. So literally, it was light that drew us together. 🙂

        Good and healing thoughts to yous .


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