mixing midsummer & moving is crazy.


well, we’re one huge step closer to moving to the states. and we did it right smack dab in the middle of the midsummer celebration. here in sweden, we don’t mess around with midsummer. it’s a high holy day that ranks right up there with christmas eve. seriously. everyone has the day off. there are very important traditions one must take part in and everyone is on pins and needles hoping that the celebration of the official beginning of summer brings sunny, warm weather.  the idea, of course, is to be outside as much as possible. we decided it’d be fun to mix it up and move out of our apartment this weekend too. we’re freaking nuts.


before the summer solstice arrived, we had to get some more packing done because we found out that midsummer’s eve (when all the celebrating happens) would be the last night we’d get to sleep in our apartment. gaaahh. our last evening at home was the night before midsummer (because we’d be gone celebrating, of course, during our last evening at home), so we had a pizza picnic on the bare living room floor and watched the first episode of true blood (sixth season!). i think we also organized some things and then went to bed.


friday was midsummer’s eve – and we had festivities & work waiting for us. but, first we had a serious challenge: to get everything we had left in the apartment into the bags we’d be taking with us to the states. needless to say, we couldn’t quite make it all fit, so we’ll have to work on that again in a few weeks before we fly. we got overwhelmed and it was time to start celebrating, so we left the apartment and headed out to the countryside for some good, old-fashioned swedish fun.



our midsummer celebration was filled with music, dance, food, games, kids, old people, coffee, sunshine (YAY!!)…  and my colleague and i had a little program. i have truly loved working with her these past 2 years.  all went well, and we took part in all the traditions one should, including eating strawberries and being up super late to enjoy the midnight sun.








back home, i crept into bed, knowing it was the last time i’d sleep there. i tried not to dwell on it, because i knew i’d get all emotional. luckily, i was exhausted, so i fell asleep and slept like a baby actually.


today i woke up, made a pot of coffee first thing (as usual), and had breakfast with my love at the kitchen table. it was a special moment to just pause and be thankful for all the time we had in the apartment. but, to also be thankful for the chance to move on. we’ve had some tough times within those walls… there is a lot of sickness in there, including the time that we spent apart when my love was in the hospital. so, it feels very, very good to move on. time for the new chapter to begin. and, it did… today!


by lunch time everything was packed and out of the apartment. yep. we were moved out. the cat and everything. for the next 3 and a half weeks we’ll be crashing at my in laws’ home. however, we will be gone one of those weeks, so it’s not too long for us all. and, it’s pretty cozy there (here) as well.

this afternoon, we organized. i slept some. i’m so freaking exhausted. and we watched the cat make herself at home here after a traumatizing week in our apartment with no furniture.


the wonderful thing about being here, is that we moved our bed here as well. so, though we may be in a different home, we’re sleeping in our bed! we’ve got lina’s old childhood room all organized and it feels pretty cozy. zola’s settled in. and we know that now we are one step closer to being in asheville. but, for now, i’ve got a few more weeks to work. we’ve got tons of plans with other people. and it’s time for us to soak up sweden!

i think it’s safe to say that this has been an unforgettable midsummer weekend!

wishing you sunny skies & summer love. peace.

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  1. That celebration looks super cool. I wish we had Summer celebrations like that here in the U.S.
    I really love the picture of your suitcases.

    1. It is definitely something special here! Thanks so much for commenting on the suitcases. 🙂

  2. It’s exciting watching your dreams come together, and the anticipation of the new phase in a new but also familiar place! For the first time yesterday I think I articulated a desire to experience life and work in another country. So you may have inspired me yet to start moving in a new direction! Enjoy your last 3 weeks! 🙂

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