Monthly Medicine: The invisible magical space of February

I need me some space. I sailed through the first few weeks of January, experiencing a little cosmic disruption + upleveling with the full moon lunar eclipse, but it helped me actually usher myself into the new year. However, with all of that cosmic magic, came upheaval + disorientation. And damn this week has been a doozy. But, more about that in my post on Sunday. With this post I want to welcome February with it’s invisible magic and it’s medicine of making space. And oh how I need it.

To be honest, I loved most of January. And even in the chaos of this past week, I still loved the deep, dark winter energy that I felt. So, I really didn’t feel like letting January go. But, I did – thanks to my processing in my latest newsletter. (Click here to get my monthly/bi-monthly/random newsletters). And, because I was able to find a way to release January, I woke this morning on the 1st of February to a whole new vibe.

And I realized that February may just be the perfect month for making space. Space to let myself wander in the wilderness. Space to renew some disciplines. Space to love myself. Space to breathe + meditate. Space to play + take a break.

The second month of the year is kind of a waiting, in-between month I think. But, it is one that is necessary to begin to do the work of rebuilding, readjusting, renewing. It is the month of the silent awakening under the earth. Where we can’t see what’s happening. But, without this time, this work, this space, the flowers + trees will not have the roots to bloom + grow as beautifully as they can.

The same goes for us, I think. We need some space after the being thrust into a new year + before we get down to business.

February is actually the embodiment of space. A month that’s not really winter (it actually totally is winter) + not really spring (it’s not at all spring). But still, no matter the weather or the season, our earthly bodies know that things are changing. That stuff is happening beneath the surface. That movement, shifting, growing, rooting, grounding, renewing, releasing is all taking place. We feel it. Our bodies sense it. We just can’t see it. That is the invisible magic of February.

And all of that invisible magic creates a whole bunch of space for us. It gives us the energy + the vibe, should we consciously carve out + prioritize it, to make space in our lives. To use these next few weeks as our own way to root + ground our lives before quickly bounding on to the next thing.

If you’re like me, you neeeeeed this time + this space. If you’re like me, you need the invisible magical space of February to help you recalibrate, readjust, and realign. If you feel topsy-turvy + disoriented after January, like me, then the space of February is the answer.

We can’t go from crazy newness to rapid rising. We need to take a breath. We need to gather our souls. We need to ground down, dig deep into our roots, let them spread wide, and pause so that we can get our bearings. And, then… then, after making some space to allow the changes to sink into our souls, then we can rise. With the coming of spring, we can, and we will, burst forth from the earth. We will rise and bloom in all of our beauty.

Since January freaked me the fuck out at the end of the month, I need this time. And I need it to be light + deep all at the same time. So, here’s what I am making space for in my life in February so all that invisible magic can do it’s thing.

I’m making space to breathe. I want to return to daily meditation. Even if it’s only 2 minutes. And, I want to focus on my root chakra. The part of our spiritual system that grounds us, makes us feel safe + secure, reminds us that we are our own home. When I am rooted, then I am a tree that can withstand any storm that blows my way. I stand tall + strong through it all.

I am making space for silence. I plan to redo my nights. I want them to be quieter. Filled with soul things, not screens. I hope to read more, write more, and engage in any kind of spiritual ritual that inspires me or that my intuition guides me to on any given day.

I am making space to play. I want to laugh. To not take things too seriously. I want to literally leave behind the darkness + embrace the light that is returning. I want to be aware of it. Release the heaviness of the dark months. And I just want to have some good ole goddamn fun.

I am making space to take a break. There’s a lot ahead in the future. There are plans known + (mostly) unknown. But, I don’t care about those plans. I intend to be in the moment and enjoy where I am. I will make the space to enjoy what I have created, released, and experienced. Basking in my own celebration for who I am + what I’ve done. This is the time to take a break from the need to plan. Instead, as I recalibrate, appreciate, and celebrate, I am actually taking time to decide on what I really want next. A conscious break between the frenzy of the new year + the activity of the spring.

I am making space to travel. I have the pure joy of traveling to two totally new places in February. And these trips will give me the perfect excuses to play + take a break. First up, a ski resort in Sweden. 5 days of winter bliss with Lina’s family. I don’t ski, but I’ll have my camera, books, and a journal. So, really, what else do I need?! Oh, and wine! Then, one week after returning from skiing, we are headed to Spain for 4 days! Sunshine + a bit more warmth, food, drinks, palm trees, and friends. It’s gonna be sooooo wonderful.

My travel opportunities are the embodiment of me making space to lighten it up this month. To just let each day pass. To let the invisible magic do what it does. All the while, I simply focus on being purely present in the moment. Letting the heaviness of winter go. Allowing myself to be truly here. At home in my soul, in the wilderness, wherever I am + whatever I am experiencing.

It may not look like much is going on on the surface, but this month is all about simply making space to be. To live. To experience. To trust. This is a wild, weird in-between time. And the only thing to do, when faced with beauty + joy or difficulties + temptations, is to simply stay present. To make space for everything to come into our lives. The good, the bad, the lovely, the trying.

February will carry us from winter to spring, or from summer to autumn. For now, with our roots already planted, all we need to do is trust. All we need to do is live. All we need to do is make space to breathe one moment at a time, experiencing it all.

Blessed Imbolc (the midpoint between winter + spring), wild souls. It’s time to welcome the very beginnings of rebirth + renewal in our lives. We won’t see anything happening right now, but trust February’s invisible magic. And, in the meantime, make space to get grounded, be present, and lighten the mood. It’s the perfect way to love ourselves this month + prepare for our future.

xoxo. liz.

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